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CG writes: The Council – Episode 1: the Mad Ones from developers Big Bad Wolf released today on Xbox One, PS4 and PC telling the story of a secret society member called Louis de Richet after his invitation to the private island off the shores of England owned by a mysterious Lord Mortimer. His mother and seemingly partner in crime has gone missing on the island much to the dismay of the lord and his staff and so it rests on the shoulders of Louis to delve deeper and find out where she is. Somehow, Louis is gifted with nosebleed inducing visions which give him an edge in this 18th century period drama, but all is not what it seems as he reaches further into the proverbial rabbit hole alongside some well known historic figures as guests invited to the island such as Napoleon Bonaparte and George Washington with whom he can make or break alliances with.

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Looks really interesting and with high marks to add.