Cancelled Star Wars Battlefront 4 art shows dark side Luke, Jedi Maul

This fresh gallery of Star Wars art offers a glimpse at what might have been - had British developer Free Radical Design got to make its Star Wars Battlefront 4.

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Snookies12271d ago

These are some really cool designs! Too bad it wasn't meant to be...

strayanalog271d ago

I miss Free Radical, and though they basically became Dambuster Studios, it's just not the same.‎

Admittedly, some of these are interesting, but Darth Maul... major pass. He should stay evil.‎

CobraKai270d ago

Why does their Sith concepts have to include Maul like tattoos?

narsaku270d ago

Wait, wasn't there only 2 modern BF games?

One-Shot270d ago

Helps to read the article.

elazz270d ago

This from free radical that had a lot of parts of BF3 in beta so they could have been working on BF4 in pre production stages. Obviously this was before the reboot

_-EDMIX-_269d ago

I mean the fact that they had a whole bunch of development issues with a Battlefront 3, yet started development on another game while having multiple issues only goes to show how much was wrong with this development team.

_-EDMIX-_269d ago

I'm not entirely sure why they would start development on Battlefront 4 while having a bunch of issues with Battlefront 3