Hulk Blu-ray Smashes Standard Def

HomeMediaMagazine:The visual effects artists who brought The Incredible Hulk to life showed off some of their work to a select group of journalists invited to the Rhythm & Hues studio in Marina Del Rey, Calif. The Hulk DVD and Blu-ray Disc street Oct. 21, and the artists behind the film's visual wonders were sensitive about its hi-def exhibition.

Visual effects producer and supervisor Kurt Williams said that fans could pick any frame from the Incredible Hulk Blu-ray Disc and observe top-quality images.

"I will say people are becoming more and more sensitive to the ability in Blu-ray to stop and start," Williams said. "That was a challenge for us, especially with [director] Louis [Leterrier] and Marvel [Studios]. It was very important that from frame one to the end frame of this movie that you could stop anywhere you want and it's real."

"I just got a big *ss TV and hi-def system at home," Derksen said. "Every night I watch effects films on it and it scares the sh*t out of me. We lose a lot more sleep because of Blu-ray."

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Cherchez La Ghost4669d ago

It's very hard to watch 480i & 480p cable channels over 720p or 1080i HD channels. All of my blockbuster movies have to be Blu-Ray. I would cheat myself if I buy Hulk DVD over Blu-Ray. I even get pissed now everytime I go to the movies. It's hard watching a picture and trying to appreciate the quality of the screen. I always tell myself "Wait till this movie comes out in Blu-Ray"!!

juuken4668d ago

I have yet to get together a small collection of bluray movies. But bluray movies are worth every penny. :)

chasuk084668d ago

That is so true, i still cannot believe cinemas arent HD yet, i would rather watch a blu ray on my 32" tv than a huge cinema screen any day.

jahcure4668d ago

SD DVD is tha futurez...blu-ray is not good and not needed

DavidMacDougall4668d ago

jahcure is only joking? LOL at the disagrees

PimpHandStrong4668d ago

i dont even go out to see movies anymore...

i have a 1080p 52IN and i just buy the movies i want on Blueray

4668d ago
chasuk084668d ago

Most cinema projectors arent even digital so how are they HD ??? Most are like 30 years old

Ju4668d ago (Edited 4668d ago )

Argl, analog projectors don't have any resolution, that's why they are analog. It depends on the lens and quality if the material (film), but there are no pixels stored on those films. Usually HQ material should be equivalent to 4K or so. You could possibly come up with something and measure bandwidth, but since projectors don't even use a raster beam even that would be troublesome. (You could probably estimate a pixel bandwidth with a very clean black&white image. If you can see black and white stripes alternating before they get blurry, that's what the bandwidth would be).

4668d ago
Ju4668d ago (Edited 4668d ago )

I know. I just responded to "Cinemas aren't even HD" yet. This is bullock. Someone could say, "Cinemas are not even digital yet", but it has nothing to do with HD or Not-HD. There was a long discussion about going digital, because the argument was, going digital you'd need at least 4K resolution digitally to reach analog quality. And you basically just pointed out why that is. (I thought the argument at some point was, that 2K is not enough).

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NMC20074668d ago

Shiz. I mean COME ON!!! That's like saying "The Matrix DVD SMASHED the VHS version" who writes these damn articles and where to I sign up for these free paychecks, because they are writing things that ................ sigh.... nevermind.

*walks away*

Ju4668d ago

But it would. :-) LOL.

Fishy Fingers4668d ago (Edited 4668d ago )

Shame the film itself is pants. The Hulk is terrific, but any scene without him is lack luster at best. There's zero continuity between them.

Oh and the ridiculous name drops are not needed... "oh it looked like some kind of... ummm Hulk", yeah that's probably how Id describe a 15ft green G-Unit that just took an apache gunship to the back.

user8586214668d ago

but but but upscale and and and digital distribution lmao!!!

wooooooooot just got season 1 of damages 2day and 2moz gettin Heroes season 1 on blu-ray!!! :D

iistuii4668d ago

looks great, but so does HD on sky or standard DVD. If you put both the pictures on the tv's together, you'd be hard pushed to tell the difference. Comparing the VHS to DVD leap the same as HD to Blu Ray is crap.

Fishy Fingers4668d ago

Dude, the difference between DVD and BR is greater than that of VHS and DVD. Audio and visual.

Close_Second4668d ago

I agree it offers significant picture and sound quality over DVD however, only if you have the right equipment to really show it off. The difference between DVD and Blu-Ray on a HD-Ready (i.e. not true 1080p), 32" display is not big enough to warrant buying a stand alone blu-ray player.

If you want to experience the best blu-ray picture quaility has to offer then you really need a 40" (or larger), tru-HD display.

4668d ago
Ju4668d ago (Edited 4668d ago )

The only reason why you won't see that much of a difference is, because they added a ton of picture processing in the latest DVD players to enhance the picture (upscaler), or TVs do that (actually I got another 42" recently, and I couldn't tell if my PS3 scales or the TV - opposed to my other TV, which has a bad scaler). They never enhanced VHS video to come even close to DVD, and the bandwidth on tape is significantly lower then DVD and in addition to that, picture processing requires a fair amount of processing power which was not available back then. Nonetheless, if you think BD can compare to (upscaled) DVD, then you haven't watch a lot of BDs lately. Otherwise, I'd still watch SciFi on SD then HD.

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