Court documents reveal 238 gender discrimination and harassment complaints filed against Microsoft

Microsoft facing lawsuit over "unchecked gender bias that pervades its corporate culture"

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cheetorb1836d ago (Edited 1836d ago )

No big surprise there. A lot of insecure f*cktards in the tech industry. Inferior men acting like superior pu$$ies. I see it all the time.

Eonjay1836d ago

Working in IT myself, I have to admit it is true. I see it all the time... Not sexual harassment but definitely the condescending behavior. And its not limited to attacking women. Some guys really do have a superiority complex.

Eonjay1836d ago

I know this is going to sound weird but with a company of that size its not surprising to see these kind of cases. What is surprising is the number of them. What Microsoft needs to do is make it known to their employees that this wont be allowed and they have to start making examples. In the end, 200+ lawsuits is ridiculous. Do something. No is the time for Microsoft to take a stand against this kind of behavior and become a model for the industry.

meka26111836d ago

Sounds to me like women are upset because the meritocracy is not working in their favor. Just because you didn't get a promotion doesn't mean discrimination. Hell I've had women promoted above me at my IT job, is that discrimination?

Eonjay1836d ago

All 200+ cases? Not really. There is something there that needs to be addressed.

meka26111836d ago

Nah, I think it's just people jumping on the bandwagon trying to get a piece of that pie like usual. But for an example that is goes both ways. My boss at my IT company is a woman, and will discriminate against men all the time, she even blatantly says if she can hire a woman over a man she will, even if the man is more qualified. So it all depends, but I don't think all 200+ cases are legit.

Cobra9511836d ago

Snowflakes triggered, beta males breast-beating, the rest of us eye-rolling.