The Entire Souls Series Might Become Available on PlayStation 4

Recent rumors suggest that Demon’s Souls will be remade by Bluepoint Games. If this is true, it means all five Souls games (four without Bloodborne, which technically isn’t a Souls game) will be available on the PlayStation 4 and that’s an exciting prospect. It's time to go over how each of these games have hit Sony’s current generation juggernaut in gory, masochistic style.

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Batchild27311d ago

Man I hope it isn't Dark Souls. My heart wants..nay...NEEDS Dark Cloud remake.

narsaku310d ago

Dark Cloud was a nice game, I hope u get ur wish someday but I don't think it's likely to happen. But hey how can I knock you, I'd cry over seeing a Grandia 1 remake.

But I think Demon Souls is much more likely, it's a great ip, a great game, an important game, and a game that I think the significant majority of gamers haven't played yet, and would likely have tons of fun with if it did get a remake.

On that note I'm really happy to see some studio's being made with the singular purpose of taking amazing classics and remaking them. I loooove remakes. >:D

Ragthorn310d ago

I'm right up there with you, I'd absolutely love to see a Grandia 1 remake anytime. My brother used to play that all the time, and I would watch him play that game through and through. Besides that, I definitely would not mind a remastered or updated Demon's Souls. I just wish that they also updated features on Dark Souls 1 Remastered, as that definitely had cut content or stuff to fix (I am looking at you Lost Izalith). This is the same thing with Demon's Souls, so if they maybe updated those other regions, that would be amazing! Very unlikely to happen though, and I understand why too. Still though, one can dream!

SuperSonic91310d ago

Miyazaki had enough of the Souls Series he is doing another game and his baby Armored Core.

narsaku310d ago

With the rumor of Sony looking into backwards compatibility, it would be super cool to be able to play the series on the ps5, 6, 7 etc because DS1 and BB are basically love letters written to my soul. Would love to be able to keep them in my life without carrying around 20 year old boxes on my shelf.

MrSec84310d ago

Tbh it's not really a rumor.
When Sony chose an X86 CPU, with straightforward architecture and developed an easy to use API for current gen they were all but confirmed to be prepping for a future where future gen hardware could run past games with ease and simple software emulation.

A virtual PS4 code base could easily be included within PS5's OS whether Sony chose AMD, Intel or even ARM architecture on the CPU side.

It wouldn't take more than a modest power increase over PS4 to run PS4 code on an alternative architecture, that would cover all translation issues that could arise from moving to a different hardware configuration without the need to even patch individual games.

After the success of PS4 with AMD hardware it's going to be as easy as it comes to run PS4 games on next gen.

If the rumors of PS5 dev kits doing the rounds with 3rd party Devs are true, then Sony probably already have a working PS4 emulator running on the system.
Given past system lifespans between new and old releases it would be shocking if Sony weren't at least testing target hardware configurations and a custom OS to run on it.

Point is PS4 games working on PS5 is all but guaranteed.

ocelot07310d ago

Completely agree. I said on another topic a few days ago. That I wouldn't be surprised if Sony included PS5 enhanced patches for some PS4 games. For example Spider Man which is due to release on PS4 this year. Instead of them porting it to PS5 they can get some good publicity and say hay look where not going to do a PS5 port you can simply pop in your PS4 copy and get access to a PS5 enhanced patch. Like Microsoft are doing with some old 360 titles like Fallout 3.

narsaku310d ago

I hope ur right man, it would make my life. I've been wanting to do another BB playthrough again but I've been holding out for a Pro version, and since that's not likely going to happen... Well, you never know on the ps5. My Gawd it would be glorious.

boyyzackk310d ago (Edited 310d ago )

Metal gear solid quadriliogy would be a pretty great one though. Like best ever maybe

narsaku310d ago

I think it would be cool but it's almost certain that it won't ever happen. There seems to be significant bad blood between Konami and it's creator and I really don't think they'll ever get past that. Just to avoid giving free publicity, I think they'll just choose to move forward or milk MGS till it's worthless.

ocelot07310d ago

Am actually hoping Konami milk it so bad. The series becomes an embarrassment (Metal Gear Survive is just the start). It becomes of no value. Sony comes in and buy's the IP from them and allow Kojima to work on Metal Gear again if he wants to. Or give it to Bluepoint or something.

narsaku310d ago

TBH I played MG:Survive and I think it's pretty good. It's definitely a solid survival sim. I've always said survival games lack someone to protect. And to have that Beautiful nurse and that kid around to protect... Idk, even if it doesn't have a real meaning, it just feels so... Idk. Primitively male fufilling feeling.

I'll admit though it's too grindy for my liking and I honestly think State of Decay will do the same thing, but a lot better. So I quit 10 hours in to not spoil the experience of what will likely be a better game.

..And yes I'm a bit salty I bought MG:Survive now. :(

The_Jackel310d ago

wont complain about that at all, love soulsborne games they consume my life that's for sure

RDOUBLE310d ago

I cant get into these type games but I do admire those who can. I want to but cant stay focused on them.

Dragonscale310d ago

Fair enough, they're not for everyone. Shame though as they are fantastic games.

nitus10309d ago

With the Souls/Borne games, you cannot pause and the only way you can you can be relatively safe is to log out or find an area where you won't get attacked by an enemy. If you are online and certain conditions are met such as being unhollowed then you could be invaded.

All the above is a great turn off for the casual player who prefers the ability to play for a few minutes then pause if interrupted and resume a few minutes later.

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