Eurogamer: White Knight Chronicles Preview

Eurogamer writes: "At first glance, White Knight Chronicles doesn't appear to be pushing the JRPG envelope. It starts with a captured princess and a young boy charged with retrieving her, it's set in a medieval fantasy world, it features characters who can transform in battle to enhance their abilities. But what Level-5 is attempting is actually something new for the genre. In a country where popular online console games are still a relative rarity, White Knight Chronicles is attempting to seduce Japanese gamers into playing an online RPG by giving them everything they're used to from single-player ones.

The online and offline portions of White Knight Chronicles are entirely separate. You can't play the offline story co-operatively with friends, or play missions from the online game alone. The single-player game is an epic fantasy story starring a transforming hero; online it's a mission-based multiplayer game for up to four players, structurally far more similar to Phantasy Star than, say, Final Fantasy XI. White Knight Chronicles is two games in one, rather than online and offline versions of the same thing."

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Dorfdad3746d ago

Oh man, not what I was hoping for. Ive been a huge fan of this game base don early screenshots. I was hoping for a full fledged RPG but it looks like its going to be TEST RPG for the market. PLEASE PLEASE let this be a great game, but the way they make it sound it seems like it might be a 7.8 kind of game.. Hope Im wrong!

Raoh3746d ago

anyone interested in this game should read the previews from other sites.

Eurogaymer is on some bullcrap when it comes to ps3 games.. its like katuko... but for the U.K.