Everything You Need to Know About Monster Hunter World's Deviljho

Learn about Monster Hunter World's new monster Deviljho's appearance, lore, and abilities.

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fenome271d ago

Looking forward to this!

BC-SocialLink271d ago

We are, too! We're looking forward to seeing what other monsters will enter Monster Hunter World in the future, as well.

madforaday270d ago

They are bringing other characters to their game to play as, it would be cool if they add bosses from other games to fight against.

PFFT270d ago

The Pickle is coming! Cant wait to get the full Vangis armor sets. I always roll with it EVEN if it does have negative stats.

BC-SocialLink270d ago

YES to the pickle! We're looking forward to hunting it down, too.

fenome270d ago

Did you see the stream where the Pickle fights Beetlejuice? Can't wait for this!

BC-SocialLink270d ago

Not yet! Sounds like it was pretty awesome. We'll have to check it out. We're excited, too! It drops March 22nd.

PFFT270d ago

Ohhh man that Turf war fight was EPIC!

narsaku270d ago

I'm happy the Monster Hunter fans are getting more of what they want. >:D