Monster Hunter World and Devil May Cry Collaboration Teaser Video Released

Following the series of updates, developer Capcom has released the teaser video gameplay for the collaboration of Monster Hunter World and Devil May Cry.

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Kashima220d ago (Edited 220d ago )

Let me guess..! another terrible armor like aloy and ryu? please let us use the armor layer option.

naruga219d ago (Edited 219d ago )

Capcom at last hits all the right buttons ...not only with one excellent MHunter game (i rank it among the best 3 -MH1-MHFU-MH3 and this ) but also returning back with respect to crossover treats like this one with old school Dante....way to go Capcom and my faith to you may be restored

InTheZoneAC219d ago

I augmented the aloy armor, that's my primary armor now...

Kashima219d ago

So you are like those aloy cosplayers with her bow that doesn't hurt a fly and get carted with single hit?

InTheZoneAC219d ago

She's high ranked armor, not low ranked like ryu, who I also take into occasional high level investigations.

NovusTerminus219d ago

After using armor spheres her set ends at about a 350, which is not bad and certainly within the realm of usable armors.

BlackDoomAx219d ago

Letr me guess... You're never happy and prefer to complain, do you?

Kashima219d ago

i'd love those collab armors to be a layered sets like the samurai set.

Lord_Sloth219d ago

Aloy's armor is actually pretty good, especially given you can get it as early as 6* quests, tops off with about 340 Def, has a +5 to all resistances, and has some pretty solid skills ultimately. It's not the best armor you can make but it's still damn fine.

Kashima218d ago

Not good for tempered elder dragons, this is why all collab armors need to be layered.

Lord_Sloth218d ago

I used it against a tempered Vaal Hazak just last night and did fine. You, sir, are wrong.

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Elda219d ago

News about a new DMC would have been much better.

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PhantomS42219d ago (Edited 219d ago )

Well, this is enough to get me back into the game and it's the real Dante.

raWfodog219d ago

Ehh, there's nothing bad about having extra content for the players but I like keeping my role-playing in the realm of the gaming universe that I'm playing. I've built a whole backstory for my character and it would break my immersion to suddenly have them looking like Ryu, Aloy, or Dante.