Top 5 Of The Best Couch Co-op Games For Nintendo 64

When I hear someone say couch co-op I have flashbacks to where I am sitting in my parent's basement side by side with my brother, my best friend Dutch and his older brother as we boot up the N64 and the Rare symbol pops up on-screen. Here is my list of the best co-op games on the N64. enjoy!

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PurpHerbison221d ago

Golden Eye was one of those games I found out about a couple years after release via word of mouth from neighborhood kids. It was extremely hard to get into with games like Quake, Unreal, and even Counter-Strike... I just wasn't feeling it. Felt clunky and counter intuitive compared to the shooters I was already playing.

I'd probably replace Golden Eye with Bomberman 64, not saying it is #1, but definitely top 5.

strayanalog221d ago

Definitely a great list. I remember making friends mad in Goldeneye with remote mines and using Gameshark codes to access the complete stage of Facility, notably the bottle room.
Now, Mario Kart, I still have friends that hate playing me in battle mode. It seemed like I would have three opponents instead of it being a free for all almost every time.‎
Online is fine and all, but couch multiplayer has charm, not to mention you can physically punch your opponent if necessary.

JROCKNXL221d ago

the amount of punches I would receive playing Mario Kart lol. it was always a battle between me and my brother too. the rage was real!

lptmg221d ago

honorable mentions: Gauntlet Legends, Perfect Dark, Diddy Kong Racing

JROCKNXL221d ago

Wave Race, Wayne Gretzky's 3D Hockey. N64 had some solid games

PurpHerbison221d ago

Diddy Kong Racing might actually belong on the list. I know Mario Kart 64 tends to overshadow it but... Diddy Kong Racing was amazing.

JROCKNXL221d ago

It was a pretty solid racing game. Man your comment above about Unreal and Quake. now those were classics!

PoSTedUP221d ago (Edited 221d ago )

these arent couch co-op games. they are split screen/ couch multiplayer. couch co-op would be like turok 3, duke nukem, rainbow six etc..