Sony announces their official PS3- and PSN autumn releases

Yesterday a possible autumn release list appeared, today Sony reveals her official dates. MotorStorm: Pacific Rift will be there November first!

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ThatCanadianGuy3659d ago

Oooo..Savage moon..i forgot about that game,it looks like a hardcore version of PixelJunk Monsters.Day one buy for sure!

I'd like to know whats going on with Fat Princess tho :(
That's one of my most wanted games this fall..and its just a PSN game.

whoelse3659d ago

Us Europeans have to wait till November 28th (24 days later than US?)to play Resistance 2!!

chasuk083659d ago

Unfortunately i think so, its total sh!t

MAiKU3659d ago

The release dates time difference has been getting better though, one game i had highly anticipated was released in the EU before US.

DaTruth3659d ago

Retail version of Siren. I thought this would never come out. Digital Downloads is not the future... or still to far in the future for me. This game was just too big.

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Dipso3659d ago

Yeah I'm super disappointed with the lack of Fat Princess for xmas too..guess I'll just have to make do with the Fat Princess that I share a bed with ;-)

Max Power3659d ago

hope she's hear you say that.

I love video games3659d ago

fat chicks give the best head

DaTruth3659d ago

What's up with the Socom retail version, I thought this was coming out tomorrow. I personally don't care that much for Socom, but the PS3 headset comes with it and than you only pay ten bucks for Socom and it's totally worth it even if I don't play it much. And it might turn out to be awesome.

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Raoh3659d ago

is this for the U.K.? that's probably the reason for the use of the word her..

socom november 28th? - out today/tomorrow in north america

siren on blu ray? no blu ray edition for north america

LeGenDx3659d ago

r2 socom lbp motor storm ...........

can anyone donate money to me haha j/k ..

what ever happen to fat princess!

robotnik3659d ago

R2+LBP+Siren for me this winter

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The story is too old to be commented.