CVG Review LittleBigPlanet

CVG: " LittleBitPlanet is a monumental achievement. 'User generated content' has been talked about in corners of the industry for the last few years but Sony has truly nailed it.

Its simple exterior as the most charming and inventive platformer ever only hides a level of accessible creative freedom like no other.

Media Molecule has given you the tools to create your own game, basically, and if you get into it as much we have, it's all you'll think about.

You'll look for inspiration for levels, mechanical dilemmas or puzzles in every corner of your life. And in your sleep. It will take over your conversations with fellow players. You will become obsessed. You have been warned."

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jaffa_cake3681d ago

CVG say it like it is respect there site. fair to all games wow how can they top this. every platform game in the past was compared to mario does that mean all future mario games gets compared to this ?

Pennywise3681d ago

Nin has to step it up next go around with the fat plumber!

HighDefinition3681d ago

They definitly RAISED the bar pretty high.

chewy3173681d ago

I call upon u to go raise lbp meta score at, THOSE xbox fanboys are lowering the score omg, its cureently at 6.0 and rising, CMON GUYS WE MUST DO IT!!!

PS: LBP = 2nd greastest game this gen

tk3681d ago

Why? Are you guys going nuts? Rushing to sites to click on a score in order to say nyah nyah to other fanboys? The game will be a success. Sites like metacritic will have to explain the low user scores. Maybe even get some system like voting for a game only allowed from a verified game key or something. To keep those who don't own a game from voting.

The way you guys are going on there will be 3 million user votes for a game that sold 10,000 just to kick dust in the face of other fanboys who don't have a life.

chewy3173681d ago

just trying to make the game have good scores on all fronts, u wouldnt want a average who doesnt know that this was the work of xbox fanboys guy to see anf think that lbp is being disliked by users do u?

well i am buying a ps3 end of october so hurray =) i will buy lbp and mgs4 =)))))))))))))

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tharealest3681d ago

LBP doesn't follow the usual trend of being simply an evolution to a game or genre.. Instead it is a true Revolution of how gaming is to be played. This year LBP Trumps all! LBP > Gears 2, Fable 2, Halo3 and whatever else the competition has!

SolidWarri0r3681d ago

It's one of those games that get boring very quick, imo.

TheColbertinator3681d ago (Edited 3681d ago )

LMAO You haven't even played it!!!!!!!!

Hahahahahahahahaha XD XD XD

DavidMacDougall3681d ago

Your a ****ing idiot .You can make anything you want and can do it in so many ways its never ending

Rhythmattic3681d ago

Typical response of someone with no PSN tag.

SolidWarri0r3681d ago

lmfao @ these sony slaves getting mad

actually i played the beta, so.. what now?
please, another excuse/insult!

GIANT ENEMY CRAB!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

LeGenDx3681d ago

k thnx.
im not saying i agree with you
but thats im assuming it might get boring for some people
but with people with a creative mind etc that sh!t will never be boring !

Pain3681d ago

and Get your tinny nuts cut of too when u there and save humanity from your retarded DNA.

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grayfox_2k3681d ago

WOW, now this is more like it.
IGN and CVG got the right idea, their reviewing the current product with the potential in mind and what can be added/patched in the future.

juuken3681d ago

I still don't understand the hatred for this game. is it enough to JUST say that you're not fond of it?

Nevertheless, this is a really good score.

Sarcasm3681d ago (Edited 3681d ago )

Because it's a "PS3" game.

Which includes automatic hatred from the 360 crowd. Then automatic hatred from those who have crazy insane expectations like Taraesque who complains about the game's "crappy user levels" but obviously isn't creative enough to make his own.

Otherwise, LBP is a winner and all the haters just confirms it's greatness.

My theory is that anything worth mentioning in entertainment or popularity, will be supported by a majority of praisers and the haters. The simple fact that it's getting attention already shows it's on FIRE.

It's like the blu-ray haters who say "Who cares about blu-ray?" is contradicting themselves because they obliviously care enough to write a full article on blu-ray. lol

Sena Kobayashi3681d ago

Not quite true.

I dont generate any hate toward LBP but I generate hate towards the stupid fanboys up here on N4G . The fanboys that keep saying this RPG will fail or this game is a fail because it dint score 10/10 and dint reach 1million in sales even tho japan keep buying the 360 for the RPG's it has on it and their own Disgaea3 game dint sell over a million also.

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