WorthPlaying Review: Duke Nukem 3D

With so many first-person shooters on the Xbox 360 platform, it's nice to see that Live Arcade is bringing back some of the classics so that newer gamers can enjoy a slice of history. Doom was a big hit when it appeared as a download, and now Duke Nukem 3D joins the ranks of classics available on tap. Released in 1996 as one of the last 2-D FPSes at a time when PC gaming development appeared to be on steroids (Quake appeared six months later, and Half Life was to emerge just two years on), Duke was an offensive, fast, puerile and stupid first-person shooter ? but it sure was fun. While 3D Realms continue to procrastinate with the release of the much-delayed Duke Nukem Forever (originally scheduled to be released in 1999, now wisely "when it's finished"), the developers have somehow found time to port the game to Xbox Live Arcade for the reasonable price of 800 Microsoft points. It still plays pretty damned well.

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BlackRaven853658d ago

Yeah, I need to pick up that game. I love old classics like these because I was one that grew up with the DOS side scroll versions, man, those where some good times.