New Nintendo Switch Incoming? Hardware Revision Spotted in 5.0

New Nintendo Switch Incoming? Hardware Revision Spotted in 5.0 Firmware and whether Nintendo has patched an exploit or is planning a bigger Switch is the new mystery.

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NecrumOddBoy1129d ago (Edited 1129d ago )

sounds like a horrible use idea

CyberSentinel1129d ago

They will probably add “cross pads” to the controllers which will entice current owners to buy new controllers, or a second system entirely.

What else might they change?

dp2774071129d ago

Maybe bigger or better screen with better battery. better connectivity?

mcstorm1128d ago

What about the portable only version that popped up a few months ago maybe it's that when that is £150 rather than £279.

ocelot071128d ago

@mcstorm I would love to see this but I doubt they will charge £150. I think they will just release a Switch but without the TV base station for £199 with the option to buy the base station for £80 (like they do now).

joab7771128d ago

I can see them replacing the 3DS is a portable only version for sure. Makes a ton of sense.

What I’ve wanted is The Apple store or Google Play on a portable gaming device. A one stop shop for mobile wants.

Magnetar1127d ago (Edited 1127d ago )

A portable only version seems pointless to me. Maybe a version without the dock, then people can choose to buy one later.

I want Bluetooth and possible 4g or 5g connectivity.

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Heelix1128d ago

It is way too soon to be talking new hardware revision

Yi-Long1128d ago

I'd love a more powerful home-console switch bundled with Pro-controller, where the whole tablet-controller and joy-cons are sold separately, thus optional.

I have zero interest in the portability aspect of the Switch, nor in the motion controls, but I just want to play their first party games and exclusives.

I own a Switch btw. Been docked since I bought it. Apart from during the set-up, I also haven't used the joy-con controller. Just the pro.

fathertime44641128d ago

As an owner of the system you do realise that the tablet is the system and thus not optional

Yi-Long1128d ago

@FatherTime: I do. And like I said, that's aspect of the system if completely useless to ME, so -I- would have simply preferred the current Switch games running on a more powerful Nintendo home-console, instead of the overpriced piece of hybrid we have now.

monkey6021128d ago

I'm the polar opposite. I've had mine since Christmas and never use it docked. Always portable. I love the option though. That's what is so awesome about it

player9111128d ago

Nah. The portability is what makes it popular. The switch itslf looks goofy without controllers attached. Plus the point that 2 controllers are bundled IN THE BOX really ramps up local multiplayer games.

Plus the included controller dock works great as a "Pro" controller. So much that I would consider it a waste of money to buy a pro controller, just to use.

Zeldafan641128d ago

Have you played BotW? Even the Switch pro controller has motion controls built into it.

SuperSonic911128d ago (Edited 1128d ago )

Good for you! At least you wont suffer strained neck muscles when you grow older and ypur vision won't be impaired early on.

letsa_go1128d ago

I agree with you...I never took mine off the dock either. Once I played through Mario Odyssey though, I had no reason for the system and sold it.

-Foxtrot1128d ago

If they can do that and make it so the hardware is in the dock (even if they have to make it bigger) and include a traditonal gamecube like controller I'd buy one.

Make the dock have a 500GB - 1TB hard drive aswell.

fathertime44641128d ago (Edited 1128d ago )

@yi-long and @letsa-go
So what your saying is that you'd prefer a ps4 and vita remote play then or another Wiiu .
What you two are asking for kinda negates the all in one portable nature of the thing itself

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Sono4211128d ago

The fact you have mostly dislikes is pathetic. Nintendo fanboys are an entirely different breed. The Switch has only been out a year and they already want a new version?! I'm sorry but how dumb can you be? I don't want systems to start releasing as frequent as phones with only minor upgrades. This is a terrible idea and as a Switch owner it will REALLY piss me off.

porkChop1128d ago

The revision is just to patch the SOC exploit that hackers are using. It's not an upgraded system. You guys are overreacting.

narsaku1128d ago (Edited 1128d ago )

Nm I didn't read the whole thing

princejb1341128d ago

im not a nintendo fanboy, neither do i own a switch. I do want a switch really bad but i know their going to revise the system eventually. They do it every generation so to me is just a waiting game.

Rude-ro1128d ago

“How dumb can you be”
Seems like an odd question on an article about a unconfirmed rumor that could literally be a software update to counter the fact that it is pirated

Sono4211128d ago (Edited 1128d ago )

I see everyone is failing to realise I am replying to this man's comment "It is way too soon to be talking new hardware revision"

And commenting on the sad fact that a comment EVERYONE should agree with besides people who work at Nintendo or own Nintendo stocks, actually has more dislikes than likes. I don't see how anybody can be okay with thinking of releasing a new model of a console that came out only one year ago, simply idiotic.

Zeldafan641128d ago

I guarantee that IF we get a more powerful Switch it won't be until the end of 2020, which I would be fine with. It makes sense since the summer olympics are in Japan that year. Easy for Nintendo to get a lot of global advertising.

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Davidgr21128d ago

Not really.. Nintendo Switch is already struggling to run old ports. It’s not powerful enough to run most AAA games coming this year. Such as:
Black Ops 4
Battlefield 2018
FarCry 5
Red Dead Redemption 2
Darksiders 3
The Crew 2

Just to name a few...

Heelix1128d ago

The console is only a year old.

How do you think early adopters will feel if a new iteration is suddenly introduced?

The respective audience of those titles you listed already have the hardware to play those games long before the Switch existed.

subtenko1128d ago

I wonder why so soon....

KickSpinFilter1128d ago

Big time, just like with PS5 and XB2 just way too soon to be talking about it.
Come back in 2020 then we can start talking about PS5 and XB2 and not sure what Nintendo should do since they are offset date wise now for a new release. I guess ignore 2020 and do 2023?

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InTheZoneAC1128d ago

Smaller border/bigger screen, more internal storage, thicker joycons

xtheblackparade1128d ago

MMmm good news for me, I will be watching the current Switch prices because they're bound to drop when new hardware comes in.

FinalFantasyFanatic1127d ago

Hopefully, Nintendo hardware (and especially software) doesn't tend to drop in price very often, if it does, I may take advantage of it and finally get one.

paintedgamer19841128d ago (Edited 1128d ago )

I would LOVE

1. An intergrated mp. None of this cell phone stuff.
2. More memory in the switch. Is it too much to ask for 80-120 gigs?
3. 1080p native screen, and docked ability to have 1080 60. Its 2018 for crying out loud.
4. Better battery.

However, id be fine waiting 2-3 years before theses happen.

blawren41128d ago

These are great, but how much would you be willing to pay, even in 2-3 years. That's the big question, right, cost vs features.

paintedgamer19841128d ago (Edited 1128d ago )

In 3 years id be ok for paying 249 for all these. Its been stated, nintendo is making $$ on the switch day 1 AND making boat loads of cash on 1st partys. Where most console makers lose $$ on the console and make it on software. So even in 3 years at 249 to nail all my wants i think nintendo would still make $$ = everybodys happy.

Since nintendo is making $$ on the switch now... how much more of the features im asking for now... could have nintendo implemented in 2017 and still made $$ or broke even?? Thats the question right?

blawren41128d ago

Paintedgamer. $249 is unrealistic, even for the Switch now, but would sell a ton of units. Just because other manufacturers take an initial l loss, doesn't mean it was a wise business decision. no, the question isn't at what price would nintendo break even or lose a little to be made up on software. What selling at a loss does is to set unsustainable expectations of cost. I disagree, but respect your opinion.

Xenophon_York1128d ago

Good point, @blawren4, because those specs might seem good enough for now, but in three years gamers like paintedgamer1984 would [reasonably so] want specs appropriate for that time. Specs that would be twice as much as an eighty gigabyte storage drive and 1080p native screen resolution.

The iPhone X is already at 2436 x 1125 resolution.

Akarogg 1128d ago (Edited 1128d ago )

1080p screen, no. The majority of titles except indies will not be able to reach a native 1080p resolution in portable mode, currently that isn't being achieved even in docked mode for most non indie titles. Currently many titles run sub 720p in portable mode, Xenoblade 2 all the way down to 360p at the lowest using dynamic resolution, so forget a 1080p screen. It's a waste of hardware price. Instead a hardware upgrade will make it easier to reach 720p on a native 720p screen.

paintedgamer19841128d ago

I dont think you understand wtf youre talking about...

The tegra x1 is dusty old tech from 2015 where the x2 isnt much more expensive and makes almost everything on the switch 25-50% better all the while having better effeciancy to boot.

Akarogg 1128d ago (Edited 1128d ago )

1080p screen will make the system more expensive, and demanding games won't be able to reach that resolution in portable mode anyway. It's a waste

Akarogg 1128d ago

That is not enough to warrant an expensive 1080p screen that only simple games will be able to fill with native 1080p resolution. The system is significantly weaker when in portable mode, the gpu clock speeds are halved to extend battery life

wheresmymonkey1127d ago

You could just buy a micro sd you know. My switch has 200gb of space now.

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