Loot Ninja Impressions: Call of Duty: World at War Online Beta

Loot Ninja writes:

"The elusive Call Of Duty: World at War beta showed up in my email yesterday and like the other 40,000 or so gamers that received the beta codes, I ran out and downloaded it as soon as I could. After redeeming my code and downloading the 890 MB file, I was greeted to a welcome screen that stated the following:"

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drunkpandas3659d ago

I was very surprised at how much fun I had with the Beta. It feels almost exactly like CoD4, just set back in WW2. I didn't have as much of a problem with the old guns and such as I expected.

leeturner3659d ago

me 2 i just got my code 2day and i told my bro and he was like no fair i want 2 play 2
lol hhahahahahaha shame on him
oh w8 wheres my xbox gon
noooooooooooooooooooooooooooo ooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo
the new games pretty good
but whats up with the seven kill streak reward the dogs lllols

taz80803659d ago

The dogs are probably the coolest thing from the demo. They help you hunt down enemies and kill them. You get points for killing them as well but you have to listen to them whimper which is kind of sick.

taz80803659d ago

The gameplay is solid and the graphics not too shabby but I think this game will catch some flack for being so similar to COD4, some people may not want to invest another $60 just to change the time period they fight in?

drunkpandas3659d ago

Yeah, I think you may be right. CoD4 will probably remain close to the top of the Xbox Live ranking chart, even after CoD5 ships. Treyarch used the same engine, some online lobby and ranking/perk system. It essentially is the same game, just with different maps, weapons, and player skins.

taz80803659d ago

Did the PSN get a beta as well? We know the Wii isnt getting one.

drunkpandas3659d ago

PSN gets the short end of the stick, just like with CoD4. The beta will be coming to PC shortly, but that's it.

fiercescuba3659d ago

It sucks that PS3 owners always have to wait for multi-platform betas.

drunkpandas3659d ago

It's just a sad fact that most game developers neglect the PS3 when it comes to betas. Activision with CoD4 and CoD5, Capcom with SSFIIHDTR, etc. The only real Betas you see on the PS3 are for Sony games.

jkhan3659d ago

I doubt any PS3 owner will be missing much COD WAW. Reason being Socom beta and LBP beta just or about to finish, R2 beta gonna start in a couple of days time, Killzone 2 beta is already on, then there is home beta. How many more betas you want. Plus with a truck load of games coming out in a few days, I doubt people will be worrying over some beta.

DA_SHREDDER3659d ago

I think that COD5 is gonna be the sleeper hit this fall. Im in the beta as well, and this game is different in so many ways. Ive seen limbs, @ss, and spit flying everywhere. Something that COD4 lacks is the sense of urgency. Sure COD4 has a helicopter,, but you can just hide from that. The new one has dogs,, some come like 4 or 5 straight at you. The artillery strikes are phenomenal. Its not just one carpet bomb like in COD4. You actually get bombed like 12 times and they are all at random so you cant just calculate where the safest spot is. Tanks are a new addition to the cod4 engine,,and very satisfying, and much much more.

I could go on to tell you guys more about how I feel about this game,, but you should just check it out yourselves. Whats cool about all of this is that we still have COD4 whenever you feel like playing modern warefare ya know? This is the best time in my life that really felt good to be a gamer. Ive been gaming since I was 4. Im 27 now and the variety of games that Ive had since now and then is like being a kid at Great America and being able to ride all the rides.. Hopefully the landslide of games that we get will end the console war. There won't be any time for fanboys to get on here to b*tch about everything because we will have too many games too play.

bababrooks3659d ago

great post...100% agree with all that you said, enjoy buddy!

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