HEXUS.gaming review - PES 2009

Does the raft of new additions further bridge the gap between PES and the real thing?

"Disappointingly though, even with the enhancements, the new Champion's league license, improved control methods and enhanced AI, it still feels and looks like the same game on the pitch, and its feature set, once again, has been overshadowed by the innovative options in FIFA 09."

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SWORDF1SH3655d ago

lol this review is a joke. this year both games (fifa & Pro) are equal. some people will love fifa and some will love pes instead. people that review should review it from a broader perspective. there isnt enough of that in most reviews. nobody who can review properly wouldnt give this a 6.5. it certainly aint a 9 or 10 but its no 6.5. i think this score will be lowest it will receive

jonnyvito3655d ago

Wrong, it's already received lower.

SWORDF1SH3655d ago

really? damn we live in a mad world lol. but seriously ive played fifa and dont like the way it controls but i can stil see that the controls arent bad and its down to my personal preferance. all reviewers should be capable of judgin fairly. i bet this reviews didnt go into the depth of stats in which each player is governed by. there is about 30 different stats rangin from shot power and shot technique to body balance and jump, which all can range from 0 to 100. and then there 25 speacil abilitys players can have from outside the boot to one touch passing. this makes each player unique and accurate to real life and it shows on the pitch. admitedly it hasnt moved on much from the ps2 days but after the last 2 poor this gen outings. its finally back on track. expect something special next year.

zdudynot3655d ago

ive been looking at some videos at winningelevenblog and it looks so much better. how can it fell the same as last years when it is really different gameplay wise. im bored of fifa now because the gimmicks have worn off and i can tell u pes 2009 is not a 6.5 its a 10. it never gets boring and have u seen the chant packs and option files already becoming avaible. seriously who approved this review.

Wotbot3655d ago

and I am sorry Fifa plays like a poor mans second.

If you liked PES 2004 which I thought was the best in the series then you will love the way this years game plays.

As far as I am concerned Fifa still can not keep up with PES 09 on the gameplay front.