Remembering 2008: The Biggest Games That Turn 10 This Year

Check out the releases that made 2008 an exciting year for gaming, which includes big names like Metal Gear Solid 4, Grand Theft Auto IV, and more.

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313d ago
2pacalypsenow313d ago

MGS4 man I remember picking it up on midnight and staying up all night playing it.

Scar-312d ago

That is the only game that I've ever played for 20 hours straight. Still remember taking a break and realizing a whole day had passed.

2pacalypsenow312d ago

I was 17 at the time and my mom comes in my room and is like did you play that damn game all night!?

badz149312d ago

still one of the best game ever made

Profchaos313d ago

I just finished a playthrough of GTA IV and it's episodes honestly it's under appreciated the story was so intricate when laid out across all games little missions in 4 evolve into massive plot notes in others and vice versa it's so well thought out I actually think the story is one of the best when all games are taken into consideration

SegaGamer312d ago

When it was released, GTA IV was loved by most and praised heavily, but for some reason, over time it's become less appreciated. I agree with you, the story was great, the best of the lot in my opinion. Niko is also my favourite GTA character.

stefan_771312d ago

I though the story was absolutely terrible. It;s over long with a very thin plot and most missions act as filler

Profchaos312d ago

What did you think of v's story?.

The plot is full of holes if you solely play 4 and not it's DLC episodes of you play all the content Rockstar put an amazing amount of forethought into the story purposely leaving potholes to be filled when you slip into another characters shoes. I.e Nikko killing Jimmy in 4 it seemed like a boring run if the mill go here kill X guys on bikes in the subway but in tlad it's essentially the final straw for Jhon.

There's thousands of tiny little details I garuntee most people missed which lead to those flat story comments

stefan_771311d ago

I thought V's story was bad too. Very unfocused, poorly paced and full of holes

stefan_771312d ago (Edited 312d ago )

MGS 4 is one of the best games ever

Frinker308d ago

I remember buying GtA IV and MGS IV on the same day when I was 13 and being blown away