Thanks Sony For Delaying Days Gone. A Look At Why Delays Are Good

Coin-Drop writes; "With Sony recently delaying PS4 exclusive Days Gone people aren't too happy. This, however, is something to be excited about. Not because we wanted the game to be bad, or Sony to be hurt by it, but because delays are good for games and the industry as a whole."

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slate91246d ago

Delays arent good. You should be happy they are taking their time with it. Delays suck and shouldnt be a norm like they are today. Yes, there are always brighter sides to delays such as polish. But the industry needs to get better at over promising and under delivering with release dates imo.

AspiringProGenji246d ago (Edited 246d ago )

They are good when there isn’t development hell involved, and that doesn’t seem to be the case with Days Gone. A new IP with lots of risk involved shouldn’t compete againts the likes of Red Dead and the mainstream games that release later in the year. For the studio and the game’s health that’s a good thing

For us it may suck because we may be anticipating this game for so long, but with games to play still during the year it shouldn’t be a big issue. In the long run it will be better for both gamers and the creators because:

Days gone launches -> less competition = more sales -> Gamers play it -> DG succeds = sequel.

As opposed to:

DG launches in crowded month -> too much competiton= less sales -> DG fails to break even -> Bend is closed down -> we cry tk sleep every night because there won’t be any sequel

AspiringProGenji246d ago (Edited 246d ago )

But I agree with you. The industry should be more transparent when it comes to announcing games even tho we aren’t that much delays as opposed to when this gen started.

darthv72246d ago

But... wouldnt a game still sell to those who are interested regardless of other games releasing at the same time? Just because there are 5 games (just an example) coming out at the same time doesnt mean that a person cant eventually get those games over a period of time. Unless you are someone who has to have it right when its new... technically if you never played it before then it's considered new no matter when you get it.

It's not like games have an expiration date like a gallon of milk.

AspiringProGenji246d ago

^Yes, but then the game fails to attract new potential consumers because they got their attention on the big releases. It won’t be enough with me and a lot of others who aren’t mainstream. See Titanfall 2 for reference

The 10th Rider246d ago


I agree that it's better that a game is delayed and released in a good state than to release when originally scheduled and in a poor state . . . however I'd still consider a delay a "bad" thing in that it means a company messed up with their original announcement of a release date or window.

_-EDMIX-_246d ago

@10th- I'm sorry buddy but there's nothing bad about a delay even if they messed up the original announcement you're talking about game development something that has multiple variables so it would have been better if they released a broken product? What's even funnier is this is coming from you? Are you serious? So breath of the wild had no delays? Ocarina of Time? Did those hurt those games? Did it kill those companies? Breath of the wild went on to release and Get Ridiculous sales on top of a ridiculous number of Game of the Year Awards so I don't really believe a delay hurt that game or that company if anything it helps solidify their commitment to Quality.

Buddy you can't have it both ways it can't be perfectly fine when it's the company of your choice and then suddenly a terrible thing when it's against another company.

So I would say the only bad thing would be a company trying to rush out of game and keep a promise of a release date as opposed to a promise of quality.

So regarding the announcement I don't really believe there's anything that even could be considered messed up because I think even they know it's just a window of release I don't know if any developer is really telling you that window with 100% certainty cuz even they know things can come up and it should already be known but that's the nature of this business.

I mean come on buddy you were not born yesterday we all know that this is the nature of the business. Especially considering it's coming from someone who's a Nintendo fan that is something that that company has been known for for a long time but guess what? They've also been known for Quality so if you could understand that with them why are you having a hard time with Sony? messed up? lol ok


The 10th Rider246d ago (Edited 246d ago )


Dude, you completely missed my point.

I said that delays are better than releasing a broken product. However delays are bad for the industry because developers shouldn't put out release windows so far ahead that they aren't sure they can meet them. It was bad when Nintendo said that Breath of the Wild would release in 2015 . . . or do you suddenly think it was a good thing that they said that? That doesn't mean the final game was bad, it just means they shouldn't have put out a release window before they knew they could meet it.

I also never even mentioned Days Gone. As far as I know that didn't even really have a target release window. With Breath of the Wild they specifically mentioned it releasing in 2015 and then took over a year past that to get it out the door. You're the one that turned it into a Nintendo VS Sony thing, I mentioned nothing about either in my comment.

Let's put it this way: A delay is a good thing for an individual game because the end product typically ends up better, but as a whole they're a bad sign in the industry because it either means developers are having trouble meeting deadlines or that publishers are announcing release dates/windows way too soon.

RacerX246d ago Show
AspiringProGenji246d ago (Edited 246d ago )


What? MS hasn’t even delayed anything smh. Stop making trouble

abstractel246d ago

I have worked many years in game development and on many movies. Delays shouldn't happen at this point. There are no real mysteries any longer to game development.

Another contributing factor is how early games are announced. Almost all major (and the majority of smaller titles) are announced years ahead of their release date. This isn't good for anyone, certainly not the players and certainly not the game developers. Delaying a game is basically putting a crew through an intense deadline and then saying "oops, sorry guys but crunch has been extended 6-12 months,"

AspiringProGenji246d ago (Edited 246d ago )


They shouldn’t, but shit can still happen. If you have indeed worked as a dev you should know how unpredictable it can get when developing games, and the obstacles you encounter. Many of the games we love today would have been crap if they didn’t get delayed (TLoU, BotW, Horizon..... I could go on), so how is an polished game not good for us?

Sure, if the publishers aren’t being transparent about the delays that is bad because it only builds more hype only to disappoint with delaying the game, but not all delays are like this.

Ceaser9857361246d ago

Also i am very much fine with games getting announced earlier and Sony does it because they have more 1st party games.. And why wouldn't they.. They want their system to sell and showing first party games is their biggest push to sell their hardware.. Atleast games aint getting cancelled. Also i Love Sony for taking risk... Sony takes risk from which few succeed few doesn't but at least they dont stop ..

XabiDaChosenOne246d ago

@abstractel I work in the film industry and you are full of $#it. A whole laundry list of problems can occur during production and post production that is out of anyone's control.

Rhythmattic246d ago (Edited 246d ago )

Yeh, the promised "Locked Off".... LOL
At least edl's make audio post easy, but when your doing the music and many cues change....Farking painful.
Point is, I dont think ive ever worked on a film where it was ever "Locked Off" first time.

bouzebbal246d ago

There are way too many hot games starting March.
God of War

bartender64246d ago (Edited 246d ago )

Come on, man! You know that what racer says is true. Just look at the crackdown delay, and the response and articles that has gotten here! The same happened to sea of thieves. Now, before someone mentions something about MS not showing crackdown for a year, you got to remember that sony hasn't talked about days gone for a year, and I bet you won't hear anything about this game again until December probably. Also, remember about deep down, not a sony game, but still... And also the last guardian.

246d ago
madforaday245d ago

Curious, before the internet, how (or if) did developers say a new game is going to be out? Also, were there a lot of cancellations and delays back in the day as well? I am 30 and I don't really remember checking too often. I would just go to a store, see what is there, if nothing is there, I won't get anything.

neutralgamer1992245d ago

no darth because some may only buy one or 2 games per month so if DG comes out around the time of few big release chances are ,man may wait. This needs to launch early 2019 when there isn't another big release to really give the game it's due. I am glad sony delayed it instead of releasing it for possibility of it not doing well


Quick question to AspiringProGengi. I just bought the battlefield/titanfall complete bundle on psn the other week. I dont have enough drive to fit titanfall 2. Will have external drive shortly. My question though. Is titanfall 2 awesome. Started with battlefield 1 and do like but everyone is already advanced. Very curious, havent been able to install yet. Thanks

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_-EDMIX-_246d ago

Delay is very much are the norm they have always been in the industry because you're not really talking about something that's going to have a smooth time line like a music album or even a film that could get shot in 16 weeks.

You're talking about something with numerous variables. I'm sorry but nobody could really promise such a timeline unless they literally delayed ever announcing the game until weeks of release , even then the game could still have issues if they're Ironclad towards a release No Matter What look at Fallout 4 it's an amazing game but let's be honest the game still had bugs upon release and part of me feels like maybe they released it knowing that they would be a little embarrassed if they had a delay after having such an amazing announcement in the first place.

Or heck look at Battlefield 4 easily one of my favorite Battlefield games but let's be honest that game launched with so many networking issues simply because Electronic Arts wanted to have this Ironclad timeline. I'm sorry but you're asking people in a business that is in the multi-millions regarding game development to not over promise I'm sorry but marketing is very much about promising something amazing I don't understand how someone could properly Market a game and do what exactly? Don't say anything positive? Leave out great things about the game?

The goal of marketing is to get you excited about the game regardless of what the inevitable outcome happens to be I'm sorry but that's just business I don't know how many businesses are looking to Market so honestly that they're giving you the negatives about their product lol

245d ago
JeremyTheInsane245d ago

I don't think I've ever seen someone say sorry so many times when they have nothing to be sorry about.

Retard246d ago

Meh. The only 'norm' that shouldn't happen is a company commiting to a 'solid launch date.'

Companies that make memes like... "2018, June...ish." Get that shit happens.

Seraphim246d ago

Delays have been a part of gaming since I can remember. Not just today.

Having said that. Often times we call it a delay when in fact no release date had ever been set. Retailers use place holder dates and that place holder date gets changed and we call it a delay. Sometimes a game is announced with a target year in mind. But this has been happening since the original PS and on all consoles. As for Days Gone, I know Shu mentioned last year it was coming in '18 but outside that I don't think anyone at Bend, Sony, etc have ever said anything about an actual release window let alone a release date. Surely they were targeting 2018 as a best case scenario but with almost any game best game scenario just doesn't happen.

At the same time, as of late it seems developers and publishers are trying to refrain from announcing projects too early; to some degree. Game development can take quite some time and even longer if we're talking about building the game from the ground [engine] up. It's always exciting to see these reveals and announcements but I certainly hope more caution is used when announcing a game. For instance E3 should focus on games releasing between the shows. With some being shown releasing w/in the next 2 years. So E3 2018 games would be out by 2020 E3. Anything that has been conceptually approved, just begun development need not apply. Show it at TGS or wait until the following E3. Though this is a business and despite having to wait 2-5+ years for a game it's these games that often set one company apart from one another and give gamers something to look forward to. Some will lose interest by the time the game is released, some will have to high of expectations and hate the game because of that and some will still gobble it up whole and love it.

Ceaser9857361246d ago

I feel if RDR 2 wasn't happening this year than Days gone would be a 2018 title.. and Spiderman would release around Oct.. RDR 2 is a big franchisee and no 1st party dev will take risk in releasing their games close to RDR 2 and Days gone being a New IP , Sony wouldn't want to risk it.. FEB 2019 will be a good time for Days gone..

InTheZoneAC246d ago

just announce a later release date then, that solves your entire issue with these so called "delays"...

Aceman18246d ago

I don't have an issue with this since Sony has got me covered for the whole year. Now I'll have 4 games waiting for me in 2019.

Death Stranding
Days Gone
The Last of Us 2
Ghosts of Tsushima

I couldn't ask for more lol.

WilliamSheridan245d ago (Edited 245d ago )

Apparently if Sony delays, it's great! If Microsoft does it, it's because the game is trash blah blah blah...

Shubhendu_Singh245d ago

I have no idea why you're getting downvoted.
Maybe they don't get the idea that "delaying" anything is bad, but tolerable if it means rushing a project. But this ideal way should be plan your way through a concrete date, or reveal it once you're positive it will hit (game is done 60 - 70% whatever stats)

Tallpine245d ago

Let the creators create. If they say they need more time then so be it.

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gangsta_red246d ago (Edited 246d ago )


I'll never understand how delays are considered a good thing seeing as how we usually never really know what was fixed or worked on in that time it was delayed. Not to mention there has been games that were delayed and still turned out to be mediocre or bad. So saying delays is good thing is such a strange mind set unless you know what it is being tweaked or further polished during that time.

It would be nice for next gen if these developers tightened up their schedules, planned out their dev times in a realistic way and actually hit their release dates more than they have this gen.

DarkVoyager246d ago

“I'll never understand how delays are considered a good thing seeing as how we usually never really know what was fixed or worked on in that time it was delayed”

Because there’s no shortage of exclusive games to play on PS4 in 2018.

The game was on target to release in 2018. The delay was purely a business decision.

gangsta_red246d ago

A fresh grudge alt to reply to....

"Because there’s no shortage of exclusive games to play on PS4 in 2018."

If that's the case then release the game in 2018, unless theres a shortage of exclusives to play on PS4 in 2019.

"The delay was purely a business decision."

And what was the reason for that decision and that still doesn't apply to the other many games this gen that have also been delayed throughout this gen.

Gaming4Life1981246d ago

"The delay was purely a business decision."

I doubt this is true but if it is then sony and this dev. need to grow a pair. To delay a game just because your scared that your game will not be as good as another is just plain dumb. If thats how this company tries to get sells by not bringing out their games in seasons where big games come out then its shameful. A good game will sell regardless so its no point in doing something like this.

alb1899246d ago

A gamer Justifying a delay?
DAMMM you guys are incredibly!

DarkVoyager246d ago (Edited 246d ago )

“I doubt this is true but if it is then sony and this dev. need to grow a pair. To delay a game just because your scared that your game will not be as good as another is just plain dumb.”

I could see you in charge and release the game with RDR2 around the corner. That game would put a huge dent in Days Gone sales.

It’s not about being scared, it’s about having common sense.

rainslacker245d ago


Why do they need to grow a pair? Sony seems to have established that their games can do quite well when not released up against the other heavy hitters of the holidays.

It makes sense for someone like Sony, who have more interest in keeping console sales up, and keeping their players engaged year round, as opposed to other publishers who mostly bank on the end of the year.

It would seem that by the time Sony ends up releasing a game early to mid year, that people may be growing tired of their holiday games, even the MP ones, so having a new fresh big game to focus is good marketing, as it ups the potential buyer base. Some people will always commit to the mainstream stuff when it first comes out, so that would push out other games.

If anything, 1st party release schedules have also allowed other publishers to see that big games can release outside the holidays, and still do well.

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OB1Biker246d ago

What I don't understand is regular gamers making a big deal when a game releases a few months later. Like February is such a big deal vs November I do think it's bad when they announce a real Date but if its hardly a release window why does it matter so much?

rainslacker245d ago

It doesn't matter. It's just a console war thing.

trouble_bubble246d ago

The devs are actually ahead of their milestone timelines. The game is progressing ahead of schedule. There’s an article where they asked them and that’s what the boss said. Delay was a business decision

gangsta_red246d ago

Yeah, I saw that article, but I'm referring to most games this gen, not just Day's Gone. (something I don't think darkvoyager realized but whateves...)

This article states how delays are a good thing, which I disagree with. It even brings up a few examples of games that were delayed and still released with issues. Game development is already too long and it just makes the wait that more excruciating(exaggeration) when a dev or publisher then announces the game is being pushed back even further.

AspiringProGenji246d ago (Edited 246d ago )

“Not to mention there has been games that were delayed and still turned out to be mediocre or bad.”

How about the games that were delayed and turned great? Let’s look at the big picture when talking about delays and not just Duke Nukem Forever only

_-EDMIX-_246d ago

So you don't understand how delays could be considered a good thing? So you telling me Battlefield 4 did perfectly fine with no delay?

I'm sorry but I have no clue how somebody is questioning a developer working longer on a game to correct issues.

I mean you would make a better argument trying to explain how it benefits the customer to have a developer keep their promise on a release date Ironclad even if it means releasing a broken product 😂😂😂

gangsta_red246d ago

"So you don't understand how delays could be considered a good thing?"

I can already tell by this opening line that you have no clue what the point was.

And reading the rest of your comment I was right.

"I'm sorry but I have no clue how somebody is questioning a developer working longer on a game to correct issues."

Except none of us really knows if that developer is correcting issues or if marketing jumped the gun and set a release date a developer never promised or if the delay was due to other games releasing at the same time.

And even if your way off point of a developer having to take more time to correct issues then this should only justify next gen having developers building better tools and such due to the amount of delays we have had throughout this gen.

*Insert five hundred winking emojis*

_-EDMIX-_246d ago

Okay but that still doesn't really answer the question

how would a developer working longer on the game be into question? If you even have a point it would be upon you to explain it in the first place. So how would a developer working longer on a game be something negative?

Crackdown 3 for example......

madforaday245d ago

@Gangsta Red

Your whole argument is about how we don't know what is actually going on when a delay happens. Even if the developers to say something, it could be just PR talk. You also have to remember what this is, this is entertainment, a hobby to us but NOT to the developers/publisher. This is their life and job.

Burnout Paradise Remastered
Ni no Kuni II: Revenant Kingdom
A Way Out
Far Cry 5
Yakuza 6: The Song of Life
God of War
Dark Souls Remastered
Detroit: Become Human
Call of Duty: Black Ops 4
Red Dead Redemption 2

Those are just some titles that are coming to the PS4 this year. I believe I missed some like Spider-man and Dreams. It doesn't matter AT ALL if a game gets delayed, some games should have been delayed or even get delayed again. Socom Confrontation got delayed 2 or 3 times and came out with tons of bugs. It took them 6 months to fix that game to make it playable. The only time where a delay can hurt us is if a game goes through development Hell but we don't know until we put money into the game and find out ourselves. Of course, that is what reviews and Twitch is for. For the most part, the game WILL come to out into our hands and that is all we can ask for, this is our hobby, let the developers do their job. Scalebounds don't happen all the time and in all honesty, with that game not coming out, it didn't affect us in any way. It may of suck if you wanted to play it, but you move on. I think people forget video games are a hobby and we treat these developers like we own them. When a movie gets pushed back, it may suck, but guess what, we are going to be able to see it the next month or whatever. As consumers, all we can ask for is for the developers to make the best game they can, if they think they need more time or they want to push it back or forward because of all the new games coming out, who am I to be upset when I can just wait patiently playing tons of other games in the mean time.

gangsta_red245d ago


I did answer the question. I answered it many times already in this very thread.


"this is entertainment, a hobby to us but NOT to the developers/publisher. This is their life and job."

Not really understanding your point here. No where did I say or imply that they owe us anything or that video games are more than hobby. I think it has already been established it's just that by all of us being here and discussing this hobby among us.

And since this is a hobby that I enjoy since I was a young lad I am noticing throughout the years a worrisome trend of big games being delayed gen after gen and nothing is being done it seems to improve this. We have had bigger and better games, more realistic graphics, huge worlds but the one thing that hasn't seem to improve much are development times.

None of this affects our lives but we are here on this site to discuss gaming and since this is a gaming issue it should be discussed.

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xX-oldboy-Xx246d ago

Sony is just spreading it's title out to put pressure on the competition. Detroit, GOW and Spiderman are all out in the next 6 or so months - no one wants to go up against RDR2.

I'd say it's a smart move on Sony's part, Days Gone then hopefully TLOU2 sometime during the year. At a stretch Death Stranding and that's a massive stretch.

Outside_ofthe_Box246d ago

"Not to mention there has been games that were delayed and still turned out to be mediocre or bad"

Then that more than likely means that the game would have been bad had it released on time anyway. If a game turns out bad most would either skip it or wait until it hits the bargain bin (which would further prolong when you actually get the game in your hands).

Not saying that delays are good, because it more or less means that development didn't go as expected, but I don't think they're bad either. If it happens, it happens, like others have pointed out, there are always other games to look forward to.

I personally would like for a game to release 100% complete no matter how long it takes. If you look at GT it has been getting free updates and one could argue they should have delayed the game and released it complete. But then you'd have people moaning about yet another delay. So it's like which one is better? Release the game as is or delay it in attempt to release it complete?

gangsta_red246d ago

"Then that more than likely means that the game would have been bad had it released on time anyway."

Then what was the point of the delay? Especially when we have had games release after a delay and still need patches. It really makes no sense and makes me question what was actually improved?

I realize there are other games to look forward to but the theme for most anticipated games this gen have all had something in common and that's being delayed.

These companies need to find a more efficient way to develop these triple A games and get most of them out on time. I realize not every dev cycle can run smoothly but it seems that more than the usual amount this gen have been pushed back.

Outside_ofthe_Box245d ago (Edited 245d ago )

"Then what was the point of the delay?"

I see it as an 'attempt' to make the game better. Honestly if a game is going to bad then it doesn't matter to me when it releases because I'm not going to touch it. Whether it releases on time or years later, I'm just going to skip it if it's bad as I'm sure many others will do so also.

So I don't see a game turning out bad after day as pointless, I see it more as that they tried but still ended up failing, like when you're finish a test and you know you answered a lot of questions wrong, but decide to stay and see if you can figure it out instead of handing in the test as is.

"These companies need to find a more efficient way to develop these triple A games and get most of them out on time"

Yeah it's annoying that a lot games are getting delayed, I feel you on that, but not much we can do about it. Even the companies themselves can't do much about it. It's easy to say that they need to plan out development more efficiently, but that's easier said than done. Only way to ensure 100% that a game releases on time is to wait until the game is actually complete and then publicly announce a release date.

The bigger the game the easier it is to get bugs and glitches and the harder it is to find and resolve them in the code. So it is actually shouldn't be too surprising that delays have increased each gen since games have also got bigger each gen, now that I think about it. It still sucks though as you want to play these games as soon as possible.

rainslacker245d ago

The reasons for delays are varied. Sometimes it's to spread out a release schedule. Sometimes it's to not go up against another big release. Sometimes it's because the game needs more time.

Whether a game turns out good or bad after a delay is purely dependent on if it was good to begin with, and if the extra time is used to improve the game.

Delays are a disappointment for the consumer. That's about it in the grand scheme of things. But when games finally do release, they either do well, or don't, or do modestly well. Nothing changes there. Sometimes they are still bad, sometimes they are great. Other times, they feel like nothing changed due to the delay. There is no black and white side to it all.

XabiDaChosenOne246d ago (Edited 246d ago )

It's safe to assume that they are improving the game in the mean time so why does it matter? Yes games have come out crap even after being delayed but how much worse would the game have been if it released earlier?Delays improve games but it can't turn an already destined crappy game into a blockbuster.

gangsta_red245d ago (Edited 245d ago )

"It's safe to assume that they are improving the game in the mean time so why does it matter?"

Is it safe to assume? Especially since we don't know what is being improved on in any of the games that have been delayed.

"...crap even after being delayed but how much worse would the game have been if it released earlier?"

And that's just it, what exactly was the point of the delay and what was worked on during this delay? It seems a lot of delays or more strategic release placements than actual devs working to improve the game.

Some delays should in theory improve games, no doubt, my issue lies with needing to delay a game to improve it. As I mentioned developers, product managers and producers next gen need to do a better job with scheduling games.

XabiDaChosenOne245d ago

@gangsta_red Do you understand how labor works? Delays mean that game developers have to stay on the project longer which means more hours are being worked (and overtime in some countries) that was originally not on the budget. So to assume that a game studio would have there workers twiddling there thumbs and are not improving the game in some capacity while being PAYED more than what was on the budget would be asinine.

"And that's just it, what exactly was the point of the delay and what was worked on during this delay? It seems a lot of delays or more strategic release placements than actual devs working to improve the game." Regardless of the reason of the delay the game is being improved on because game studios will not be paying game developers to NOT work on the game.

gangsta_red244d ago

And yet we still get delayed games that still need patches, release broken or is pushed back even further.

As I said and keep saying the issue shouldn't be "assuming" a delay will improve a game because if that is the case then over half of the games this gen were "improving" the game and we can all see that a lot of them didn't really seem like any improvement was given.

Developers and publishers should strive to hit their dates as planned because overtime does cost money and adds to the overall cost of the game's development and when those ROI's dont come back that is when we see massive layoffs, dropped planned sequels or studios closing.

XabiDaChosenOne244d ago (Edited 244d ago )

@gangsta_red you are using circular reasoning, as I said before delays do not insure that the game will be good when its released it only means that it is being worked on further. You claim that games still receive patches after being delayed that does not change the fact that during the delay the game was being worked on to improve its condition.

"and we can all see that a lot of them didn't really seem like any improvement was given"
How many of these games did you play prior to release to know if there was no improvement as a result of the delay? Common sense says if a game studio announces a delay which results in game developers working longer than expected than they are working to improve the game. Whether it "seems" that it hasn't to you is irrelevant. You are not entitled to the game until you have bought it. Like the guy said above me this is a hobby for us and a JOB/Career/Livelihood for the developers. I am not a game developer apologist in the slightest sense but the entitlement I see displayed when it comes to games being delayed is horses%*&

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DigitalRaptor244d ago (Edited 244d ago )

Delays allow for a studio to work on the game for longer and potentially make it better, but that doesn't mean that the final product will be bug-free or complete or even good. Delays are almost always a good thing from a development perspective. Staff aren't just sat around wasting time and budget by not working on the game. Unless that project is in unmanageably deep trouble and people are just running around like headless chickens, it is 100% safe to assume that work is being done to improve the game. And you often hear from devs that don't want to down tools - they want to keep polishing their game, extra time is a blessing, but there is a cut off point.

I think it would be nicer for publishers not to announce games so early, especially for what are bigger projects. That's the only reason delays are perceived, cause we are told one date and then they don't hit it, but I like your solution.

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Heelix246d ago (Edited 246d ago )

from a business perspective
the game needs to be protected from juggernauts. Its a new IP after all.

the only annoying thing is these companies know very well in advance which of their games they're going to delay strategically.
and still they will advertise the games as part of the line up for the current year via conferences and trailers.

alb1899245d ago

Yes, SONY or whatever company show us their excusives on E3 and put a close release day just to create fan hype. Then the hype about the game takes as long as 3 years talking about the same game.

chrisx246d ago (Edited 246d ago )

Im Not too bothered about the delay. It is what it is atleast they get to polish it more anyways. some great games to look forward too this year

PhoenixUp246d ago

Delays can be good, they also can not help the game’s quality much at all as was the case with Star Fox: Zero