The lewd +18 ARPG “Sacred Sword Princesses” is coming to Nutaku on the 15th of March

Nutaku will be releasing its first ever downloadable Free-to-Play lewd +18 ARPG game, "Sacred Sword Princesses" on the 15th of March, supported on multiplatform (Android and PC). This action-adventure RPG is set out to feature top notch quality and stunning visuals along with smoother and more fluid gameplay.

So if you like the sound of that, then keep your eyes open for "Sacred Sword Princesses".

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Maggie____221d ago

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Littil_Devil221d ago

You got my vote with no doubt.

TGG_overlord221d ago

I did point out for Nutaku that they should release more games to console just now. So I hope that they will think about it at least.

Godmars290221d ago

Never happen.

Likely would buy it if it did, but AO on console is a strict no-no. Blame parents who buy GTA for their ten year olds then act as they have a right to be surprised when they finally see gameplay.

TGG_overlord221d ago

I'm glad to hear it :3 Oh? "Omega Labyrinth Z" is on it's way to PS4 and PS Vita though:

Bhuahahaha221d ago

im in for the gameplay THE gameplay

TGG_overlord221d ago

Well, of course, ain't we all?

Littil_Devil221d ago

Well, I do have some free time to kill during Easter *rolls eyes*

TGG_overlord221d ago

I'm actually reviewing "Sacred Sword Princesses". So I hope to have the review done in the near future.

Fist4achin221d ago

I need another rpg like I need another hole in my head, but this looks like it could be cool.

TGG_overlord221d ago

As long as the said RPG is good, then I'm cool with it. Me, I would love to see a new "Evil Dead" game, because the "Ash Vs Evil Dead" TV-series kicks tons of ass.

Fist4achin221d ago

I'm enjoying it as well. Watch out for creepy kid!

TGG_overlord220d ago

"I'm enjoying it as well. Watch out for creepy kid!"

- I'm at season two right now. So yeah, the dark ones are creepy as hell.

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