Bit-tech: Brothers in Arms: Hell's Highway Review

But it's perhaps the multiplayer that sours Bit-tech's taste for Brothers in Arms: Hell's Highway the most – it's a disgracefully shoddy port of the console multiplayer, with the poor features to match. PC multiplayer gaming deserves better than this mess, and Gearbox should be pretty ashamed of it.

Despite these flaws, would they still buy Brother in Arms: Hell's Highway? Yes, without a doubt. It's still a fine game and when it shines, it shines brighter than any other FPS they've played this year. Taking on many enemy positions with multiple squads in the final missions of the game was fantastic fun, and has certainly been one of my gaming highlights of the year so far.

It's just a titanic shame that Gearbox copped out in so many ways, muddying the experience considerably. For those willing to look past the shortcomings, there's a quality game here, but if you're expecting something truly great you'll be disappointed.

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