Final Fantasy 15: Xbox One X vs PC vs PS4 Pro Graphics Comparison

Final Fantasy 15 Windows Edition is finally available which brings along big promises such as the ability to play its in 4K resolution and up to 120fps. Final Fantasy 15 on the consoles has been a rather mixed case of technical performance.

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Vasto310d ago

Build a $399-$499 PC and then compare them.

Of course a PC over $1000 going to be much better.

Lon3wolf310d ago

How much would the one x cost you to build yourself if you had to buy the parts separately with no discount for mass production, or how much saving could 40 million PC gamers make if they all approached hardware vendors at the same time?

Vasto310d ago (Edited 310d ago )


You tell me? How the hell would anybody that does not work for Microsoft know? That silly to even ask.
When ever you get done saying what you are saying there is no PC that can match what the PS4 Pro and Xbox One X does. I don't care if you build it or buy it off the shelf.

310d ago
Vasto310d ago (Edited 310d ago )


All I am saying is that they should have used a more budget PC with maybe a GTX 1060 or AMD 480. They could have used the GTX 1080 too and showed how it ran on all 3 video cards.

That would have been a lot more interesting to me.

rainslacker310d ago (Edited 310d ago )

I'm pretty sure those costs break downs exist. It'd be easy enough to extrapolate consumer costs from projected parts costs. Probably add 30-50%.


General parts costs are available for anyone who cares to do research. It's not really privileged information from vendors. MS actual costs aren't really known, but actual parts costs would be.

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Str8Chaos74310d ago

Such a tired argument. PC does more than play games.

Vasto310d ago (Edited 310d ago )


Such a silly reply.

Console does more than play games too. .

Lon3wolf310d ago

"When ever you get done saying what you are saying there is no PC that can match what the PS4 Pro and Xbox One X does. I don't care if you build it or buy it off the shelf."


And as for my original comment here is a response to another similar comment (seeing as you appeared confused to my original here):

Moldy if we could get about 60 million people together and all buy the same hardware from the same manufacturers we could do a great deal on components and probably build a PC that good for $500.

combatcash310d ago

Lol probably but you can't. That's the whole point is you can't build it for that price especially if you attempt to add 4K blu ray drive. In a few years though you'll be good to go parts should be more affordable.

310d ago
Princess_Pilfer310d ago

You can, actually. A 400-600 USD PC can rival/ just edge out the xbonex in terms of gpu power, and totally thrash it in cpu power.

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GamesMaster1982310d ago

Love this game but by god the loading screens are atrocious . Especially on the comrades dlc

greywolf39310d ago

Well, all I am going to say is...2 years late. And you cant compare that.

Lon3wolf310d ago

1 year 4 months actually, 2 years lol and it is a really nice looking version so worth the wait for me as I get all of the released DLC with it. It was hard not to buy it on my PS4 and wait it out though.

rainslacker310d ago (Edited 310d ago )

While it's good PC players now have access to it, I'm surprised this game is still getting so much attention so far after release. The game wasn't very well received overall when it released, and the DLC wasn't very well received. I'm not sure why a PC release somehow makes all that go away.

Sure, it has some good enhancements on the X1X and PC, but it's still the same lackluster FF game it was before. Game Play was actually really good, but the story was worse than FFXIII, and the world itself was terribly dull.

T1125P310d ago

Pirated Final Fantasy XV Runs Better Than Purchased

Just thought I put that out there :D All that DRM crap ruins the experience. Love the pirates that always find a way to bypass that crap. Assassin's Creed Origins runs flawless for me all maxed, as an example. :P

Shortsorpants310d ago (Edited 310d ago )

Yes i saw that as well, however that wasnt really cracked and theres a lot of weirdness with ffxv's early "crack". It used the demo exe, it didnt get any of the dlcs or alternate endings from royal edition, the early "cracked" build also has almost 53gb of changed files and an older build number.

Then theres this

Look i dislike drm and denuvo as much as the next guy, but that early "cracked" demo, while somehow ran incredibly, is definitely a worse version.

Now if you want to do a test on the cracked build they got today (the steam one) go ahead. Its the same version as the purchased version so its a better representation.
This is a tough one overall though. Wouldnt you want to protect your product? I mean i wouldnt use denuvo as its cracked to often, but id definitely look into options.

gamer7804310d ago

comparison video is 1080 and bad motion blur, I don't know how you can tell much of anything.