N4G Radio 03/12/2018

This week the guys discuss losing progress in games, hunting monsters, and plenty of Nintendo news.

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PoSTedUP317d ago (Edited 317d ago )

ive lost 3 more-that-half-way game saves in persona4 golden. 2 near completion psesona3P games saves. 12 half-way-or-more ps1 jrpg games saves in one shot (ff7, xenogears, chronotrigger, suikoden2, grandia, breath of fire4 etc. to name a few) all bc of psvita sd card corruption. and a 50 hour breath of fire 1 game save on my gb advanced micro: had to emergency save game; went into close mountain to get good weapon b4 i went to save point; system glitched and i lost it all. and just recently a big big mario odyssey game save. i feel no more pain, i dont care anymore. nothing can hurt me lol. i just go "upp its gone" turn it off and walk away like nothing happened.