Cool Stuff: Master Chief Helmet That You Can Wear

Slashgamer Writes: "Just in time for Halloween, Microsoft has officially licensed this Halo helmet. As you can see from the picture above, the Master Chief mask has fantastic detail and even includes 'dents & scratches' to make it seem like it went through a battle with the Covenant. Also, either side of the helmet offers LED search lights that can be turned on and off. So if you loose your keys and it's dark - you're all set."

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Forbidden_Darkness3659d ago

So the only question that remains is... who will be buying this and running around with it on, come halloween, screaming "No Cortana, no! dont leave me!"?

MonkeyMan3659d ago

As a Halloween gaming outfit this wont be too bad. You wont look like a nerd when if you tell them you are a soldier.

Johnny Rotten3659d ago

I saw a Halo mask at Walmart the other day. It didn't have no lights or nothing but it was official with the Logo on the inside and stuff.

SixZeroFour3659d ago (Edited 3659d ago )

looks decent, but i think they should have made the visor a yellowee-reflective-type glasses like the cheap old-school ones

Mr PS33659d ago (Edited 3659d ago )

Would wear some Sh!tty Assed Helmet to Game
What a Set of Tools
Tell you what BoTs
Let me Fart in that Stupid Green Helmet before you Dorks put it on !!


Go-GO Power Rangeerrrrrrrrrr :D!!!!!!!!!

JohnnyChimpo3658d ago

a Xbox fan couldn't get any gayer, they release this. Now you can take that gay little gun duechebag Cliffy B dropped with Gears and attach it to your gay Halo accesories.

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The story is too old to be commented.