Demon’s Souls Has Been Rated by the ESRB Again

PSLS: "With the closure of Demon’s Souls‘ online servers, fans have been clamoring for a PlayStation 4 remake of the influential action role-playing game. Coincidentally, a new ESRB rating of the game has gone live on the rating board’s website today. Unfortunately, the rating is once again for the PlayStation 3 version, and it’s not related to any potential remaster that has been heavily speculated upon."

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Heelix246d ago

Still the best Souls game
Where it all started
memorable boss fights and NPCs
would dip again with better visuals and particularly frames rates

Jinger246d ago

Agreed. I would definitely buy a remake.

DarXyde245d ago

Question is: is it a remake or a remaster? Part of me would rather a remaster if it means scaling it up to run fluidly. A remake would involve bolstering specs and it may run as poorly as it did on PS3.

Now, if they hand it off to BluePoint and get it running at a solid 30fps In the Valley of Defilement, I would find it difficult to complain.

Bahamut245d ago

"A remake would involve bolstering specs and it may run as poorly as it did on PS3."

That's a big assumption and that depends entirely on the development team and how they optimize the game for the console it releases on. They could easily "remake" this game and get it running at 60fps if they made that their goal. It just depends.

Darth Gamer246d ago

Totally Agreed. Still my favorite Souls game to date. Although, I would put Bloodborne on top of all. Simply a masterpiece and can't wait for them to announce a sequel.

xX1NORM1Xx245d ago (Edited 245d ago )

wouldn't demon souls be where it all started? i haven't played them does demon souls not count?
*EDIT* I'm an idiot i miss read it as dark souls

DarXyde245d ago

In the mainstream, sure. From Soft has been doing dungeon crawlers before Demon's Souls.

Xb1ps4245d ago (Edited 245d ago )

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Seraphim245d ago

adblock, it's your web viewings best friend.

1-pwnsause-1245d ago

Soul Tendency made this game a bit tense.

Palitera245d ago

My most missed mechanic, no doubt. Added a ton of replayability and depth on runs for specific goals.
Also the dark atmosphere and tangible story made this game and its characters much better than any other Souls game.
Ok, TBH, it is my favorite game all time.

Dragonscale245d ago

Opinions lol. I prefer Dark Souls personally, Demon's was great but not the best imo.

veicht245d ago

Actually as a fan of the souls series in general (and souls-like titles) demon souls is the one I like least of all (of the souls series, not counting souls-likes). By comparison to the others its relatively clunky and not balanced as well. All of the bosses except 2 or so (specifically maneaters) were strangely not-challenging and overly gimmicky. Also can't agree about anything in particular being memorable aside from the nexus, and the final boss because its more of a plot point than a boss. To me, in just about every sense it feels more like a beta for what was to come, rather than actually being the 'soul' of the souls series.

Having said that (and anticipate an avalanche of negativity) I love the souls series and certainly wouldn't be unhappy to see demon's souls see fresh life on the ps4. Demon's souls is a great game that certainly contributed to the rest of the series so I hope the big fans of demon's souls get what they want here.

Dragonscale245d ago

Its also quite short. If you remove the enemies from the levels it doesn't take long to traverse them. At the time it was fantastic but Dark Souls refined the concept and was the better game tbh.

Servbot41245d ago

It actually started with King's Field, but Demon's Souls is still a great game.

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ziggurcat246d ago

Well, I wouldn't take this as confirmation because we've seen stuff like this happen before. If there is any truth to this, I hope we hear an official announcement soon. I have been wanting a remaster of this game for years, now.

Septic245d ago

"Well, I wouldn't take this as confirmation because we've seen stuff like this happen before. "

Yes true, while its not confirmation, it hopefully is a sign of things to come. We've seen stuff like this happen before and then they turn out to be true. Well here's hoping!

ziggurcat245d ago

ESRB is a bit more of a legitimate governing body than, so I think I'm slightly leaning more towards this pointing to a sign of things to come - however, I will always take an official announcement from the source (Sony or Bluepoint) over anything else before I get too excited.

Tross245d ago

It's a far more reliable indicator than those "Retailer in random European or Middle Eastern country has ___ listed in its catalog" articles we get all the time. The ESRB doesn't rate games if they aren't at least planned. I think companies actually have to pay the ESRB to rate something. Sure, plans can fall through, but I have much more confidence in something like this than what could easily be an error on the part of a retailer. Note, "those retailer has listed ___" articles are rarely ever retailers from NA, the UK or Japan, and if they are, they're rarely ever prominent retailers. The ESRB on the other hand, is prominent in the videogame industry.

Kribwalker245d ago

We have seen this stuff in the last year with Crash Bandicoot and more recently Hellblade. Maybe Sony is saving this for a surprise E3 announcement where they’ll announce it and release it shortly after. Who knows, but the track record of recent events seem to point more towards it being true

Razmiran245d ago

Its just a rating update to remove the "Online interaction not rated by the ESRB"

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G20WLY246d ago

Bring it on, I missed this bad boy the first time around! 👍

245d ago
shammgod246d ago

could bluepoint be redoing this one? would be mighty fine!

GortJester245d ago

I’d bet money on this. They just got off a massive ps4 only remaster. I think it makes sense with their expertise on the platform at this point to do it.

kevnb246d ago

great, many people only started playing these games after dark souls came out.

kevnb245d ago

disagrees? Are people saying nobody started playing these games only after Dark Souls came out? You dont think a ton of people missed this game?

Dragonscale245d ago

Agreed. Obviously being multiplat helped.

Deep-throat245d ago

I started with Demon's Souls, but I think Dark Souls is better. Still the best in the series.

Unreal01245d ago

Of course it is Deep-throat. Whatever you say buddy 😂

Segata245d ago

But you didn't start with Kings Field.