New Crash Bandicoot N. Sane Trilogy screenshots released for Xbox One and PC

Activision has released a new set of screenshots for Crash Bandicoot N. Sane Trilogy on Xbox One and PC

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Community271d ago
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timotim271d ago

Looking good. Hoping for some good X enhancements.

Obscure_Observer270d ago


Hopefuly we get visual and performance modes on the X. Native 4K/30fps and Dynamic 4K/60fps. ;)

Kribwalker271d ago

Bought this one on my OG PS4, only finished the first crash on it, With 4k and HDR coming out on it plus gamesharibg with my kid i’ll prolly pick this up again on the OneX

Ciporta1980271d ago

Gamesharing? Do you mean that thing that is exactly the same on ps4 and Xbox one?

Kribwalker271d ago

yeah. Except i have multiple xbox ones and only 1 ps4. so my kid doesn’t get much time to play it since it’s on our main TV. i bought the Vita TV for streaming the PS4 to his TV but i haven’t been able to get it working well enough to utilize it

271d ago
chiefJohn117271d ago (Edited 271d ago )

My salty senses are tingling 😂 roflmao I'm trademarking that

DJStotty271d ago

lol wasnt so long ago this was apparently a PS4 "exclusive"

Unreal01271d ago Show
2pacalypsenow271d ago

Just think of it how MS sees Exclusives.

You know, exclusive for 1 day, exclusive trailer etc..

Tazzy271d ago

Its owned by Activision I'm sure Sony had it as a timed exclusive but Sony and Nintendo have exclusives where Microsoft doesn't their games are on PC.

timotim271d ago

In your attempt to clap back you got something off...ya see MICROSOFT does have like Sea of Thieves, Forza, State of Decay 2, Halo Wars 2 etc...they are exclusive titles to Microsoft and their can only play them through Microsoft and they ate not available for platforms or eco systems outside of them.

What you most likely meant was Xbox One that I would say...does it matter?

Tazzy271d ago

@timotim Its YOU SEE not YA SEE you're welcome for the assistance with that. :) They have no exclusives at all their games are on PC they have no exclusives if their games were exclusive the company that makes the graphics chip would only run their games and that's AMD and there's no exclusive with that people use Nvidia or Intel. So they have no exclusive games nor have they put out a game thats sold over 1 million copies and got rated 10s in months to years. #FACTS

timotim271d ago (Edited 271d ago )

Wow haha...I done heard it all haha. So Microsoft doesnt have exclusives now because they dont make the GPUs??? If thats the case then Sony doesnt have exclusives either because AMD also makes the GPU in their consoles no? Then theirs the fact that Sony also puts games out on other platforms like PS3, Vita, PC with PS Now...yet this doesnt count for some reason haha. All you did was repeat what you said the first time...something I already corrected...Microsoft does in fact have cant play Sea of Thieves outside of Microsoft...if so please point it out to us. And you are also wrong about games selling and being rated high for them...Forza Horizon 3 is the highest selling racer this generation haha and its gotten its fair share of 10s on Meta...keep trying though, youre representing te rest of the ponies very well.

chiefJohn117271d ago

Lol could you be anymore wrong? Tazzy just stop you're embrassing yourself

Tazzy270d ago

@timotim Are you reckoning too?? Microsoft has no exclusives they're games are on another platform called PC regardless of how you look at it they have 0 exclusives. Sony has AMD in there console BUT Sony has exclusives God of War, The Last of Us, Uncharted, Bloodborne, Gran Turismo, Killzone, Until Dawn, Days Gone, Detroit, Infamous, MLB Baseball, the list goes on and on and their games sell great. Whatever Microsoft puts out for Xbox goes to PC not to mention Master Chief appears in MineCraft for Switch see no exclusives if he was an exclusive character to Microsoft they would have never let it happen. :) Get ready because you're going to be seeing Microsoft games on Nintendo and Sony consoles soon they can't compete with the games Sony and Nintendo are putting out they'll be software only in the future. Forza sold over 2.5 million where Gran Turismo Sport has sold over 2 million and that was announced back in January clearly not the highest selling racer this generation rated 10s by one website WOW, Sony and Nintendo have been putting out games that have been getting 10s from tons of websites you come up with one game??? LMFAO look at the first week sales of Forza Horizon 3 against Gran Turismo Sport sales in its first week. :)

Gran Turismo Sport sales 982,000

Forza Horizon 3 sales 382,000

Tazzy270d ago

@chiefJohn117 I'm not wrong I'm right Xbox fanboys are the ones that think otherwise Xbox is a crumbling brand pretty bad when the Switch is going to surpass the Xbox in sales within 2 years. The headline will read.... "THE WORLD'S MOST POWERFUL CONSOLE GETS BEAT IN SALES BY NINTENDOS UNDER POWERED CONSOLE AND HANDHELD".

DJStotty270d ago


And so are sony's if you have PSNOW for PC. Your argument is redundant. Both Sony and Microsoft games can be played on PC.

Next argument

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paintedgamer1984271d ago

Cool xbox ppl get to play this game, but a year later seems a bit pointless... like rottr before it, most people that wanted to play the game did long before it released on ps4 and that explains why the low sales.

PrematuaProcrastin8a271d ago

N4G logic: Timed exclusive on PS4 = exclusive. Timed exclusive on Xbox = multiplatform.

Brian7655492271d ago

To be more accurate it's along the lines of :
MS - great, another example of them buying their deals and preventing others from playing.

Sony - makes sense, that's where most sales will be.

paintedgamer1984271d ago

Lol thats ridiculous... anyone claiming crash, hellblade, or spyro are exclusives after their releases on another console will soon look like an idiot, be swiftly corrected, and downvoted. Sony has enough exclusives with more being announced every year to even need these 3 games, we can share 🤗. Plus, it is true while its assumed these 3 games will be on xb1, its only been confirmed crash will come while hellblade, and spyro are nothing but rumors... soo technically as of now they are ps4 exclusives. Where with rottr ps4 gamers knew from the very start the game was 1 year timed exclusive on xb1. Why are they being so secretive with hellblade and spyro on xb1??

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