The creator of Mario wanted to make some insane changes to GoldenEye

The creator of Mario wanted to make some insane changes to GoldenEye on the N64

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franwex218d ago

Lmfao!! Worth the click!

Fist4achin218d ago

That's absolutely hilarious. Fast forward to current and we have the tea bag!!!

217d ago
gangsta_red218d ago

Even Michael Jordan missed a jump shot every now and then.

But wow, was Miyamoto ever off the mark on that one. Just goes to show the mindset of some developers from different coltures.

dillydadally217d ago

I think the article is actually the one that is missing the mark and is pretty misleading. Miyamoto didn't really want that scene in the game - he was trying to mock the violence in it and put it in perspective. He would never have actually put that scene in the game, but then he would never have made a game like that to begin with. He didn't call the game "tragic" and "horrible" because he thought it was bad - he called it that because he thought it was completely inappropriate at the time because it depicted shooting real human beings with realistic faces.

That might seem silly at this time with the games we have, but back when Goldeneye released, it was one of the first that "realistically" depicted shooting human beings. I can remember my brother at the time being shocked by it as well, and he was only 21 at the time and was hardcore gamer. My 15 year old self played it non stop, but even I was aware of the controversial nature of it. It wasn't too long after Goldeneye released that the Columbine High School shooting happened for example.

gangsta_red217d ago

You're points make sense and it would be hard to believe that Miyamoto actually wanted this in the game.

I wasn't aware of any controversy around Goldeneye though especially when FPS games at least on PC were very popular. Maybe because I was exposed to much more violent games that I found Goldeneye tame or rather didn't think nothing of it at all.

-Foxtrot218d ago

Lol. Was he living in the real world? Has he seen a James Bond film

meganick218d ago

This was back in the day when Nintendo really didn’t want violent content on their consoles, especially games they themselves published. Still, I’m glad he didn’t get his way on this.

_-EDMIX-_217d ago

Absolutely agreed this is actually one of the biggest reasons that Nintendo basically lost the entire Home console Market and went portable only.

Nintendo spent a lot of that generation trying to tell developers what they should do with their games this overstepping of their boundary literally had Developers going elsewhere when Sony created an option for them so I would say every time Nintendo said no and intervened in someone else's game Sony would say yes and let the system essentially be a blank canvas.

Nintendo's attitude towards mature content on their systems is what inevitably lead to so many developers going somewhere else at the end of the day their job was to create a system not tell other developers what they should or shouldn't create on content they do not legally own.

That hostile aggressive atmosphere on top of not even listening to developer needs is what gave so much fuel to the PlayStations existence

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Jinger218d ago

We love you Miyamoto, but damn I'm glad you weren't involved with GoldenEye haha

AizenSosuke218d ago

Lmfao my bro just no, Love you though'

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