A Massive Bloodborne Community Event Is Happening Right Now

Return To Yharnam is a Bloodborne community event that is happening right now. It’s all about bringing longterm fans back into the game, and people are really getting into it.

moegooner882031d ago

Bought the game around launch but never got around to finishing the Cathedral ward. Started a new playthru last week, and simple alterations in the upgrade choices, made for a completely different experience. Quite possibly the most atmospheric, well designed game I have played this gen.

Wasabi2031d ago


Completely agree.

Simply put, a masterclass in game design.
One of, if not the best game of this generation.

1nsomniac2030d ago (Edited 2030d ago )

I need a little help with it because I feel a little lost as something just doesnt feel right with the items/inventory in the game. I’m just past the Cathedral Ward in Old Yarnham. So I’ve deafeated the Cleric Beast, Farther Gascione & just killed the mini gun sentry dude on the tower. I think that’s it at the moment.

My problem is the items - I’m completely at a loss for what they are, what they do, when to use them, if I should be selling them. So I haven’t really used any so far apart from blood stones to fortify my weapons. The items I just find massively confusing because there’s just no explanation of them other than leaving the game to go away & Wiki them. I find this where the game is really lacking & a little broken.

doos_vd_kak2030d ago (Edited 2030d ago )

"The items I just find massively confusing because there’s just no explanation of them other than leaving the game to go away & Wiki them. I find this where the game is really lacking & a little broken"

Sorry to break it to you but it's not the game, it's you. Loading screen gives explanations on items and lore.

SpinalRemains1382030d ago

Go to an item from your inventory and press square. All Souls games will give you an item explanation when press square from inventory.

2030d ago
1nsomniac2030d ago (Edited 2030d ago )

The descriptions just tend to be the lore of the items. A lot of the time it doesn’t really give you a clear description of what it’s for or Should I sell them etc..

Like I have no idea with the summoning bell (I’ve never used it) how long does it call a coop player for. Can you use it at any point inc bosses or only at certain times etc.. just simple information like that should be really easy. I don’t want to quit the game, switch on my PC & search for a wiki to find the best use of an item.

I’m worried to use anything in case it’s the wrong time, or I won’t get another one etc..

PurpHerbison2030d ago

The beauty of Souls games is figuring things out for yourself. Don't think you are going to nail it all in one playthrough. I had several playthroughs in the beginning and learned something new every single time. Hell, I'm sure if I returned I would still learn something new. Don't rob yourself of that experience.

frostypants2030d ago (Edited 2030d ago )

There is no shame in using wikis with a Soulsborne game. It's a great way to discover entire areas you might otherwise miss.

nitus102030d ago (Edited 2030d ago )

The area where you killed the mini-gun sentry (Djura) I would suggest you search the area thoroughly taking out monsters as you search. Next, go through the church and turn right (you should go left first and kill those annoying birds) and you can easily find a shortcut back to the church (take note of some gates before you open up the shortcut (go back to the lantern if you wish).

When you go through those gates you will meet some werewolves which drop bloodstone shards and a short way down the street a werewolf bursts through a door (that is a really good shortcut back to the lantern) and I strongly suggest you level up at this stage.

Follow the street and you will come to a church. Depending on your level you can call on an NPC here. before entering the small church. This is where you will have to face the Blood-Starved Beast which is not all that hard to beat (especially with an NPC - use the Beckoning Bell ), however, this creature is fast and can poison you (after reducing its life by approx one third) and eventually can toxic poison you which can be really problematic if you don't have Antidotes (there are some behind the church alter). http://au.ign.com/wikis/blo...

Hint: Upgrade your weapons.

Note1: most areas in Bloodborne have one, two and even three shortcuts you can open up. It definitely pays to find them.

Note2: The Beckoning Bell requires you to use one "insight".

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T2X2031d ago

Awesome game. Once I understood how to summon people to help me through the real tough parts! Lol.

AspiringProGenji2031d ago (Edited 2031d ago )

I only co-op in the chalice Dungeons. Really fun

Snookies122031d ago

I do love the co-op aspects of Souls games, but I always go through the entirety solo before summoning anyone. I just feel like I'm kind of cheating if I get help, lol.

Abnor_Mal2031d ago

Agreed. I've already ended the game two years ago, but my friend just started playing. He wants me to co-op with him even though he is still in the very beginning. I'm sure he wants me to help him complete the entire game with him. I feel that he would be robbing himself of the experience of accomplishment from learning the ropes of the game and beating the bosses and game himself.

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Xenophon_York2031d ago

So, I tried to play this yesterday. Made it one or two minutes into the first level/castle and was slaughtered by a big guerilla dog-beast 🐕 🐒. Loaded after the death and was outside a castle unable to go anywhere but the small courtyard.

Now, I don't claim to be The Wizard with games, but considering I make it around just fine in games like Portal and Nioh I'd like to think that I'm not the only player who has given up at this point of the game.

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Stay-Toasty2031d ago

I think you were in the hunters dream which is where you go when you die for the first time. Check the tombstones on the right side of the path and you can go back to the first level

Xenophon_York2031d ago

Might give that a shot. I appreciate the hint. Also, if you downvoted me, what the heck, man?

nitus102030d ago


That was a bit rude downvoting you after you asked a question.

It seems that some people don't realize that to "git gud" the new player has to first play the game and in the case of the Souls/Borne games die a lot. I have only played the alpha release of NioH (still on my to-do list) and even though I have played the Souls games and Bloodborne I did die until I worked out what I was supposed to do.

ziggurcat2031d ago

As toasty said, when you die the first time, you get sent to the Hunter's Dream. The tombstones along the side of the stairs are the portals to each area in the game.

xX-oldboy-Xx2031d ago

Keep at it, you'll be rewarded with a deep atmospheric game. Generation defining game.

AspiringProGenji2031d ago

No I think YOU are the only one who gave up at that point lol. Cmon now... don’t be like that guy who couldn’t beat Cuphead’s tutorial

pody2030d ago (Edited 2030d ago )

The Genji player being an asshole? Who would've thought?

AspiringProGenji2030d ago

Not being able to escape the hunters dream? Sorry but this is laughable LOl

Xenophon_York2031d ago

Do you ever sometimes, just a little bit want to reach through your screen and break off a habitual serial downvoter's thumb and glue it to the top of stated nihilist's head so that it's always giving a thumbs up?

Who emotionally scarred these people? 🧐

ILostMyMind2030d ago

I think you are. You need to die for that beast.

nitus102030d ago

No, you don't need to die from the first werewolf. The werewolf can be fought and beaten barehanded but it will take a while. You can even run away and get to the first (it is the second lantern if you die) lantern and teleport to the Hunter's Dream where you can enter the workshop.

Anyway, it does not really matter. Like all Souls games, new players are going to die and die a lot so dying early in the game while annoying is telling the new player that this is going to happen until they "git gud" and even then a simple mistake or inattention will cause your character to die. What is important is choosing the weapons the messengers offer you and familiarise yourself with them.

If you die from the werewolf you will not be able to enter the workshop until you teleport back to the Hunters Dream from the second lantern.

BTW. I have not tried the first lantern after killing the werewolf with the weapons given to me by the messengers but no matter the workshop is useless until you have some bloodstone to upgrade your weapons.

Dragonscale2030d ago (Edited 2030d ago )

When you get outside from the gorilla dog thing theres a lever for a gate. Easy to miss maybe but not that difficult lol.

pody2030d ago

That's not where he is.

Dragonscale2030d ago

Sorry my bad. I realised hes in the hunters dream.

pody2030d ago (Edited 2030d ago )

Totally agree with this sentiment. I had to really look thoroughly on how to get back to Yarnham the first time I died. They could've made that a lot easier on the player. That's just frustrating and pointless. There's so many notes around to guide you. How to run, how to melee, how to shoot... Why wasn't there a note that tells you the gravestone sends you back to the game?