Why Ubisoft Montreal added realistic ballistics to Far Cry 5

Ubisoft Montreal associate producer Phil Fournier explains why realistic ballistics are a new and important part of Far Cry 5.

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Community271d ago
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Aceman18271d ago

Sounds like a great change can't wait.

SolidGamerX271d ago

Sounds interesting. Definitely looking forward to checking out this game.

Knushwood Butt271d ago

Sounds good.

Tempted to pre-order this but i just don't need any new games!

Sniperwithacause271d ago

I always need new games! Even if I don't touch them for a month or two after getting them. Hell I still haven't opened middle earth shadow of war I got on black Friday. Plus many others I have only put in an hour or two on. Sorry for the reply, but I found your comment odd.
On topic. This new Farcry looks like a game id have to use some vacatio time on.

Knushwood Butt271d ago

Oh, no worries.

I appreciate the reply.

I just meant that, I want new games but I don't need them :-)

CobraKai271d ago

I have games I haven’t touched since 2 Black Fridays ago. Still working on getting to them myself. Ah kids.

Xenophon_York271d ago

I get inundated with games because I know I can save ten bucks by pre-ordering a game on Amazon. The alternative is waiting and often-times having non-buyers-remorse reading everyone state how great the game is, then having to pay full price—or wait MONTHS for the price to drop [Battlefield 1, Horizon Zero Dawn]...

271d ago
rainslacker270d ago

No one really needs new games.:)

My backlog is immense right now, but lots of games I'm getting soon.:)

Psychotica271d ago

After watching several videos I also thought the explosions seem more realistic and exciting.

DasTier271d ago

“We wanted to make it more realistic”

Because this game looks like the peak of video game realism.

Fishy Fingers271d ago (Edited 271d ago )

Who said it’s claiming to be? GRID is more reaslictic than Mario cart. It’s not black and white, there are shades. “More” realistic than the previous games, not “more realistic than anything that come before”.

TheCommentator271d ago

Honestly, the combat has always been great but it's cool that they're updating things a bit so it doesn't feel exactly the same again.

Xenophon_York271d ago

Ubisoft tends to be pretty great at the whole peak-of-generational-realism, thing. I remember being floored how great Far Cry 3 looked. Still holds up nicely.

TedCruzsTaint271d ago

Pretty sure implementing more realistic gun behavior puts it head and shoulders above around 90% of the market, as is.
They aren't aiming for true "realism". They just want more realistic elements present within the game. I, personally, feel it is a great inclusion.

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The story is too old to be commented.