Ubisoft present Far Cry 2, End War & Prince Of Persia to Australian press

Ubisoft shows off their upcoming games to the Australia press!

In type Sydney irractic weather of late, sunny one minute, pouring rain the next, followed by gail-forced winds, then solid 30 degree heat and humidity. Who said the end of the world is not upon us, it certainly feels like it . . . With 5 members of our team and the 2 guys from OzBoxLive (Melbournite's) set out to view what Ubisoft were presenting to the gaming media in Australia....

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Simmo443659d ago

Good to hear that the map editor is really that good. Can't wait to test it for myself.

XboxOZ3603658d ago

Mate, you'll be literally blown away with this. It leaves anything in the past for dead by a 100 miles and makes things like Forge look like kindy-school stuff at best.

There is no limit to what you can do with this map editor, and I wouldn't be making that statement if I hadn't of seen it myself. It's simply unbelievable, it truly is a work of art.

Sadly is is only playable in MP, as it would take way too much work to work something out to the standard they have set for it to be playable. SO in MP, it is much easier. The build we saw and were up-close-and-personal with is all but complete, and testing your maps will be just as much fun as making them. God, I'm even going to make a few.

Acj23233659d ago

yeah the night would of been great! 3 great games but what im really wanting to know about is end war

Godem3659d ago

If only Australian gaming events went to a different state.... :@

Acj23233659d ago

AGREED! lol but how ever there are some in Melbourne (where i live) but Sydney tops the lot with its events

gaminoz3659d ago

Well you guys in Melbourne might get a go, but where I live they'll never be! Much too small....

That's okay...I'll play them when they are out and in the meantime hear from those who can pre-play! I've heard really good things about Far Cry 2 from someone who has had a pre-play.

XboxOZ3603658d ago

They will be, IGN's next major Black Beta night will be held in Melbourne, and we will be there to cover it for you, and cath up with the Melbourne community while we are there as well. It will be in around 6 weeks time, and once we have more news on it, we'll most certainly share it with you.

XboxOZ3603658d ago

Okay, we've just spent an excellent day with Ubisoft checking out POP, End War and Fra Cry 2. And if you've ever thought Far Cry 2 was just hovering on your radar, when you see it, it will pblip straight off it.

From the build I saw and with the great (read lengthy) private discussions and our "official" interviews I had with Louis-Pierre Pharand - Producer and Clint Hocking: Creative Director, you are going to be suitably blown away to the attention to detail, and sheer enormity of the game world within Far Cry 2.

We'll be fashioning our conversations with the Ubisoft guys who are out here in Australia in a 3 part series discussing the various aspects of the three games mentioned above. To say I was surprised is simply an understatement , blown away would be more apt.

Wait until you get your hands on the map editor. We will be running a Best Map contest as soon as possible to tie in with OzBoxLives Gaming nights, and our own Gamers-Nights. Where the best 2 Far Cry maps will be used for the evenings gaming.

POP is beautiful, an dthe two giys who interviewed the effable Ben Mattes: Producer will share their experience, surfic to say they both came out of the room faces glowing and happy with the questions we had answered from him.

As will the guys who ran a series of detailed Questions past Vinh-Dieu Lam – Lead AI Programmer on End War. Which while not my preferred genre', does look exceptionally promising indeed.

We will have some Very special Collectors Editions of Far Cry 2 to give away once the game ships, and we will be working on a special framed Far Cry 2 poster art signed by both the producer and creative director on the game. Something that will be more an art piece rather than a simple poster on the wall. Certified by Ubisoft with its own seal of authenticity . . and there will be only 2 (read TWO) of these in the world.

If anyone has any questions on the 3 games, please let me know, we'd love to share the in for with you where possible.

Oh, and meeting Cliff Bleszenski was great (yes, pictures were taken to immortalize the event) and he's really just a great casual guy who loves his work.