Mount & Blade 2 now features Global Illumination, Compute Shader Skinning & Particle Shading

Taleworlds Entertainment has announced some technical new details about Mount & Blade 2. According to its developers, this upcoming medieval action RPG now features a new Global Illumination system which can correctly illuminate both static and dynamic objects.

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telgou220d ago

Can someone pleasse tell them the M&B fans dont really care about such things and just want to play the game ?

Darkwatchman220d ago

These changes not only result in a better looking game, but also as the articles clarifies, less computational expenses, resulting in better performance. If you don’t care about your game that you “just want to play” getting better performance (a pretty important part of just playing), then that’s on you.

Hungryalpaca220d ago

It’s been 7 years dude. People have lost interest.

Hungryalpaca220d ago

I care but I’d rather play the damn thing. They’re taking far too long.