Gold Lancer Assault Rifle On Offer At Gamestation

If your thinking about getting the Gold Lancer Assault Rifle you may want to check out Gamestation they have it on offer for £129.99 with a copy of GOW2 aswell.

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ben8063683d ago

but its gold.... just looks silly. i want it gunmetal grey and covered in blood!

BBCnewsrocks3683d ago

a gold one just seems pointless, Who the hell uses gold guns !?!?!?

DavidMacDougall3683d ago

That is so gay and childish aint this game like 16+ years?

P4KY B3683d ago

I'd have one of them.

cr33ping_death3683d ago

but since you make dumb ignorant comments like that you dont have one. so the world can rest easy

Fishy Fingers3683d ago (Edited 3683d ago )

Id laugh my ass off I see someone hand over their hard earned cash for that.

It's the same price as a 360 Arcade for god sake.

ben8063683d ago

wow didnt think of that, makes it seems like a hell of alot more now, good luck selling em

micro_invader3683d ago

The gold isn't that great, in fact it kind of ruins it.

I'd rather it be realistic.

Dragunov3683d ago

i love games but this kind of things are so rubbish... Confirmed, gears is for childs

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