Check out a batch of new Crash Bandicoot N. Sane Trilogy Switch screenshots

PowerUp! - "Thanks to Activision we've got a batch of new Crash Bandicoot N Sane Trilogy Switch screenshots. The screenshots give fans an idea of how the trilogy will look on Nintendo's console."

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Rude-ro223d ago

Looks like three really good platforming games in one package on the go on the switch.
People who bought the switch are not looking for bragging rights, they are looking for games and they are not disappointed as of now.

2pacalypsenow223d ago (Edited 223d ago )

"peopel who bought the switch are not looking for bragging rights"

All we ever hear from Switch owners is how great Zelda and Mario are and somehow how those two games are better than anything that has launch since 2014, some are even bragging about Sony loosing an exclusive it hasn't had for over 15 years. Which shows how little they know about the series to begin with.

Rude-ro223d ago

What does the vocal few on n4g have to do with anything?
Are you saying all the positive reviews and awards are controlled by the vocal few here on n4g?
If your statement has weight, then all systems and their fankids on here fall under this description...
I replied to someone saying something about how it looks... they do not care.
Even if they brag about Zelda, they are not bragging about the graphics, they are bragging about the game.

Sono421221d ago

I think it looks pretty good for Switch

Tazzy223d ago

It doesn't look like crap it looks good and will sell very well on the Switch because its on the go and the correct way would be "IT LOOKS LIKE CRAP" not it looks crap. ;)

TallonIV223d ago

You sound mad that this game is no longer a sony exclusive LOL

FlyingFoxy223d ago

If i want super smooth frame rates and quality i game on my PC, for a portable device the games on Switch still look good, and it beats trying to game on a phone.

Foraoise223d ago (Edited 223d ago )

Uhh. Coming from someone who has a top-of-the-line gaming PC, and also has this game on the PS4, it looks fucking amazing on the Switch.

Jay2, stop being an ignorant troll. You're a moron. Ugh idiots like you annoy me.

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Xenophon_York223d ago

Looks better than I thought. Still shocked the original mascot of the first PlayStation is going multi-platform.

2pacalypsenow223d ago

Crash has been multi platform since 2001.

Xenophon_York223d ago

More specifically, I was thinking the actual Crash Bandicoot by Naughty Dog series.

Nintentional223d ago

Not Crash 1,2, and 3.

“ some are even bragging about Sony loosing an exclusive it hasn't had for over 15 years. Which shows how little they know about the series to begin with.”

Who sounds like he knows little about the series to begin with?

2pacalypsenow222d ago

So are people being that specific when they mean crash 1-3? So only the first 3 games are considered crash games because they were only on PlayStation?

When someone says "Crash is not exclusive anymore" they mean the whole series, not just 3 games out of the 18 that have been released.

Aceman18223d ago

It was never owned by Sony, why does everyone always forget this lol

Rude-ro223d ago

It’s not that, it was just Sony used the crash bandicoot mascot in its commercials back in the day comically against Nintendo and the irony of it now being on a Nintendo product.

Xenophon_York223d ago

Because Bandicoot started as a Sony Computer Entertainment published game—plus, it's old enough to get served a martini.

Aceman18223d ago

Naughty dog was under universal I believe, and yes he was a mascot. But because ND sold the right to the game away means he ceased being a mascot for any of the systems except PS1.

We all know this game was going to appear on the other systems because Activision wants that cash lol.

pecorre223d ago

Same here, it's a shock to see the original trilogy on another platform. However, I'm glad that more people will be able to enjoy the games I grew up with!

Xenophon_York223d ago

Agreed. Crash Bandicoot already served its purpose for Sony. Now, if Horizon Zero Dawn crept over to another console I would be upset, though.

2pacalypsenow223d ago

I believe Sony owns the Horizon IP and also owns Guerrilla Games.

When Crash original came out Universal owned the IP and Naughty Dog was not yet sold to Sony.

Segata223d ago

It was far more Shocking when Sonic Adventure 2 appeared on Gamecube. Crash as a mascot never really felt like a rival to Mario, just another 90s animal mascot post-Sonic. Crash was never owned by Sony. Sonic for a short time almost rivaled Mario's popularity. Smash has Afterburner music in it. Crash going multiplatform in 2001 IMO never felt all that shocking

gangsta_red223d ago

It was definitely foretold when the rumors and leaks got out. Plus it is Activision, no reason for them to keep their IP on one platform.

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mafiahajeri223d ago

Ewwww Crash on Nintendo, never thought I'd see the day...

Tross223d ago

Well, even though these are the first three games, they aren't the original versions, so that opens up a large loophole even if the original games are property of ND (which I don't think is the case). I'll still stick with the version that has the ND references intact, but people who can't afford a PS4 will now get the chance to play what I think is an excellent collection, so that's good for them.

mcstorm223d ago

I don't think it's people who can't afford a PS4 and more not having the PS4 as there 1st or 2nd choice console.

As for the game I can't wait to pick it up on the switch as for me this is the sort of game I want to play on the go.

TallonIV223d ago ShowReplies(1)
Tross223d ago

I've already played this game on the PS4 so I'm more interested in what will replace the ND references, especially that backgrounds pic of Nathan Drake.

Segata223d ago

Pretty good looking port for the hardware. Don't expect it to look as good as PS4. Anyone who says otherwise is trolling or blind. I don't even care for Crash personally.