Nintendo Should Make Its Own Forza/Gran Turismo Experience for Switch

— Nintendo Enthusiast:

One genre that’s been notably absent on Nintendo platforms for quite some time now is that of racing simulators. We’ve had these types of games for several years now, but Nintendo itself never really embraced them; at least not to the same extent that Sony and Microsoft have. Those companies created their own racing-sim franchises several years ago, and they still remain as the biggest names in the genre today. I think Nintendo should try its hand at creating something similar for the Switch.

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porkChop221d ago

Simulators aren't Nintendo's style though. I mean I guess they could do it if they wanted to, but Nintendo doesn't really go for realism in their games.

JaguarEvolved221d ago (Edited 221d ago )

Making new games aren't Nintendo's style you mean. They barely have games now but fanatics will lie about Nintendo having a lot of games when majority of the games on the switch are ports of old games. After Nintendo having a few Nintendo directs in the 3 months out of this year so far they've only showed a bunch of rubbish with nothing compelling for gamers but the fanatics will say they showed a bunch of amazing things. I'm glad I have the older ps4 which is kicking the sh*t out of this play play system known as the switch because my switch hasn't been of any use to me for a long time. Good thing Sony will be making more exclusive games for PlayStation while Nintendo keeps releasing ports of old games and the usual milk titles. Nintendo has been making video games for a long time and managed to release 4 systems before the ps1 but PlayStation has been dominating them every generation since the ps1. Yes the Wii sold more than the ps3 and didn't dominate them but the ps3 was a lot better than the Wii which most core gamers would agree with. When will Nintendo release actual new games for the switch and not games meant for 10y.o? You fanatics need to stop apologizing for Nintendo.

porkChop221d ago

What are you even talking about?

mcstorm220d ago

Haha did you really just type all that out?

As for a sim game ide love to see this hut there racer is Mario Kart and that's one that they don't need to change and the sales show this every console they have had even the low selling ones MK has sold amazing on.

Love to see a forza gt rival from Nintendo but I don't think it will happen.

Neonridr220d ago (Edited 220d ago )

do you honestly proof read your stuff before you hit save? Or does this naturally come pouring out of you?

They barely have games now? Yeah that last direct showed nothing amazing.. only Smash, which will outsell anything that the PS4 will have this year. Does that simple truth hurt you? That these rubbish games outsell your precious PS4 games? I have a PS4 too, but you really need to check your brain from time to time. Why does it bother you so much?

You realize that Sony is just as guilty of milking titles too right? Oh wait.. God of War is coming, that's not milking a franchise at all.. and here's the next Gran Turismo.. oh but it's new guys, I promise. Hypocrite much?

Nintendo doesn't annualize their franchises like most other companies. The fact that you can say Zelda is milked when it takes like 4-5 years between releases is hilarious.

yomfweeee220d ago

@neon, your examples of Sony milking games are pretty terrible. Both GT and GOW average a release like every 4-5 years. Plus you're apparently ignoring the fact that even though they do do sequels, they are #1 in creating new franchises, so you really have nothing to say about that.

Segata220d ago

Nintendo releases new IPs all the time but they are usually smaller games on 3DS or download in Eshop. I know I know you are the troll that says none of them count.

jrshankill220d ago

JaguarEvolved triggered by the success of the Switch

TallonIV220d ago

Bruh, lay off the crack.

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_-EDMIX-_220d ago

I was just going to say that that seems to be a concept that doesn't really fit with Nintendo but then again I also sort of believe that's why they should do it the biggest problem they have is they focused on a specific idea so much that post like this in terms of believe exist this idea that it doesn't fit the company or the company doesn't do that therefore they shouldn't but believe me we don't hold Sony to that type of scrutiny.

Is there really any type of game we could literally say hey Sony doesn't do those type of games there for shouldn't? So I believe that Nintendo should maybe Branch out and attempt this just to show that they could do any type of game as opposed to always the same happy-go-lucky family friendly type looking games.

I always knew that forced identity was going to limit them greatly I think it's best to not have any identity whatsoever regarding something like this because it opens up the possibility of people purchasing your contact without preconceived notions of what they should be getting.

I mean we got modnation Racers and crash CTR racing with Sony on top of Gran Turismo and nobody was questioning those games existing by the same publisher.

So maybe it would be nice to see Nintendo not getting on for a specific "type" of game

Brian7655492220d ago

Sony covers most areas, maybe RTS and first person games are lacking?

Nintendo isn't really into simulation games but they do things for the fun factor and getting others to join in. I love tennis and Mario tennis looks awesome but it's not a simulation either.

_-EDMIX-_220d ago

Well RTS gaming in regards to console is pretty limited you kind of really only have Halo Wars and maybe to a lesser extent Pikmin

Sony Computer Entertainment also has other first person shooters like MAG, resistance fall of Man, killzone etc. In the idea of a company doing something for fun regarding gaming is moot, all of gaming is designed for fun in the first place. Do you think those that play something like Gran Turismo or Forza are not doing so for fun? So I don't believe Nintendo is not doing it because they believe people don't play those things for fun or something, I believe they're not doing it because they've already carved their Niche out of the family fun easy to understand casual demographic. I actually believe focusing on narratives like that deeply can actually hurt your business more than help in the long run because people began having preconceived notions that these type of companies cannot produce a specific type of games. Ironically enough when Sony first entered the industry they were doing so based on how Nintendo laid out their business plan only because only them and Sega really hard any plans in terms of how to release home consoles so you saw things like Spyro the Dragon in Crash Bandicoot kind of become mascots or I think Sony believe they needed the car if their net as well later that was abandoned with the PlayStation 2 where Sony begin to actually distance themselves from any individual property as to not have people have preconceived notions of the company.

So now when you think about PlayStation there really isn't one type of game that really comes to mind I would say the closest thing would be adult oriented narratives but even that doesn't mean you're not going to get something like dreams or LittleBigPlanet or locoroco or wild or Gravity Rush what have you.

So this is allowed them to not really be viewed as a one-trick pony or a company that only produces a specific type of game as I believe that sometimes that could become pretty dangerous but at the same time I don't really think it's wrong that Nintendo maintains that image but I believe to at least some extent they might need to broaden what they can offer to widen their Market

you have to look at that there's a lot of comments on this article basically questioning if this fits Nintendo as a company but I have to ask you what type of company even needs to have this questioned in the first place?

So if you ever want to wonder just how much this company only focuses on a specific set of ideas all you have to do is look at the comments and realize that this is being questioned when in reality it kind of shouldn't.

PhoenixUp221d ago

Nintendo doesn’t even make any other racing games besides Mario Kart these days

DJK1NG_Gaming221d ago (Edited 221d ago )

Excite Bike, F-Zero, Wave Race and 1080 Swowboarding need new games

Xenophon_York220d ago

1080 Snowboarding rebooted could be phenomenal. Been waiting for a great boarding game since SSX disappeared.

DJK1NG_Gaming220d ago

I have a feeling. Nintendo team up with Ubisoft to make a new 1080 snowboarding game instead of Steep

Xenophon_York220d ago

Ubisoft definitely has the talent.

G3ng4r220d ago

F-zero for sure. Something on par with gx would be great.

FallenAngel1984221d ago

What would Nintendo have to prove to make a rival to Gran Turismo or Forza when Mario Kart easily outsells both of them with every installment?

Besides that there’s a lot of other Nintendo racing franchises that they own that need to get another installment.

Might as well suggest Nintendo make a realistic sports simulator to compete with Sony’s MLB: The Show series while you’re at it.

DJK1NG_Gaming221d ago

They dont need to. And plus Mario Superstar Baseball is an awesome game

vergilxx3220d ago

Yeah you are right , just play Mario games until the end of time you moron

G3ng4r217d ago

Look how mad vergil is lol.

Never cared so much for the sports games really, especially not ones involving olympics. Exception being mario tennis something on gba. Until you get to the end and mario looks and seems all cracked out, nintendo characters are overpowered and the game becomes a nightmare.

OffRoadKing220d ago

"Mario Kart easily outsells both of them with every installment"

Prove it, post current valid sales totals with links to that data for all three world wide for each installment.

Neonridr220d ago

really? A simple google will show you that. Mario Kart on the Wii sold over 35 million copies for example.

Segata220d ago (Edited 220d ago )

lol, bro. Mario Kart on Wii sold 37 million units alone. The whole series which has had fewer entries than Forza or GT has sold 125 million units so far.

How could you not know this? Wii U only sold 13 million units LTD but Mario Kart 8 sold 8 million on Wii U alone and has sold nearly that much on Switch as well.

JackBNimble220d ago

You guys can keep your Mario cart... If Nintendo didn't make so many kiddy games I probably would buy a switch... Oh well.

So Mario cart sells well, just not my kind of game.

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ShottyatLaw220d ago

"Might as well suggest Nintendo make a realistic sports simulator to compete with Sony’s MLB: The Show series while you’re at it."

I would love that. First, these sports titles need more competition. Second, I was a big fan of games like Ken Griffey Jr. and NBA Courtside on N64.

Sim-cade sports games used to be a staple of Nintendo. I'd welcome a return. Same with racing. I personally liked the suggestion of Excitebike or Waverace. I agree that they don't need that full sim racer, though.

Good-Smurf220d ago

They don't need sim racing they just need arcade racing,anything from last gen will be nice.
Someone should port Test Drive Unlimited 2 or GRID or if EA want to redeem themselves a bit of good deed then they should port 2005 Most Wanted or Carbon on Switch.
I see the potential of Switch receiving many racing games but it not really happen yet I mean Switch have the power and all the controls needed for racing games now no more excuse like their past handhelds.

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