Far Cry 2 user-created levels possible on Xbox Live thanks to Instinct "experience"

While Epic ran into some sticky issues about allowing user-created content on Xbox Live with Unreal Tournament 3 mods, Far Cry 2 developer Ubisoft Montreal has managed to get past the problem of getting user-generated content on the service thanks to going through the process before with Far Cry Instinct on Xbox.

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Fishy Fingers3658d ago (Edited 3658d ago )

Nothing like UT mods. Far Cry only allows options given in game to mod your levels, forced to only choose items from a predetermined selection. UT mods consist of similar but also actual hands on time with the code. That's where MS had the problem, allowing 360 users to run unauthorized (untested by MS) code is what MS is against.

The differences between Far Cry 2's in-game level creater and Epics UE3 SDK are massive. It's a pointless comparison.

JasonPC360PS3Wii3658d ago

So how many people mod UT3 on the PS3?

Fishy Fingers3658d ago (Edited 3658d ago )

None. All mods must be created on the PC and can then be exported over to the PS3.

UE3 Editor is only available on PC. (Bundled with UT3 or Gears. Or torrent)

Or do you mean how many PS3 users actually use the mods? Because I expect that to be the majority, mod support is key to the UT experience.

morganfell3658d ago

Exactly Fishy. I have over 100 Mod Maps on my PS3 for UT3. I don't know how many mutators, weapons and skins I have. This isn't even close to the type of mods you find for UT3 on the PS3.

Shane Kim3658d ago

Yes fishy he means "Or do you mean how many PS3 users actually use the mods?". He tried to be a [email protected] but got owned as usual, just because his xbox can't use mods.

player9113658d ago

Its basically like Halo 3's forge. You can make your own levels, by using only a set of tools. So every user made map is basically the same, just arranged differently.

I agree that UT mods are a different beast entirely. You don't take a map and rearrange it... you build new weapons, powerups, enemies, skins, maps, vehicles, styles, etc.

UT without mods is pointless.... which is why I haven't played it since good ole' UT days.

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Fiona3658d ago

Good explanation Fishy. That clear all my doubts!

sajj3163658d ago

dumb article ... comparing apples to oranges! User created content is limited to the editor provided by Ubi. UT3 mods are limited to the dev tools provided by Epic. I wonder if Far Cry has a 2D mode?

HighDefinition3658d ago


If you like them or not, it`s true.

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