Mirror's Edge Remade in LittleBigPlanet

Slashgamer Writes: "Two of the biggest games of the year have collided thanks to LittleBigPlanet. EA's Mirror's Edge has been 'remade' in the LittleBigPlanet level editor and its pretty damn creative."

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plain rice3658d ago

Played it. It's one of my favorite levels online. My absolute favorite is the GoW Demon Skull level though. No doubt about that.

shine13963658d ago

you played it?

jeez...I would have looked for it for sure... its pretty good.

plain rice3658d ago

Yup. It was in the beta.

RealityCheck3658d ago

Since you were in the beta I have a question, I've seen a lot of fun levels but all were for 1 player. I thought there were going to be levels where you had to be many players to get through. Is that still true? Maybe it just wasn't in the beta?

DeforMAKulizer3658d ago

Actually every single level in LBP whether user created or in the story mode can be played by yourself or with your friends online... =D
Up to four people per level... You can even create a small party of people and browse with them the levels and choose...
So don't worry, it was even available in the beta and will definitely be in the full games =D

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faster19743658d ago

Found it on the last day of the beta; genius. The guy who did that did the World Of Colour one which was pretty cool too. Gutted I missed the Mirror's Edge level though.

3658d ago
himdeel3658d ago

...World of Color!! That level was fun, and colorful as well.

marinelife93658d ago

I thought the mirror's edge level was just okay compared to some of the other level's I played.

You learn very quickly that a level doesn't have to necessarily be the most complex to be really fun.

psnDevistator3563658d ago


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silenius3658d ago

This game IS the reason why I HAVE TO GET A PS3...
Its freakin SWEEEEEEEEET... :D

Jamegohanssj53658d ago

It looks like a pretty cool stage. I can't wait to try it out when the game is out.


pwnsause3657d ago (Edited 3657d ago )

played it, it was really cool.

CliffyBee3657d ago

Now why didn't I think of that when creating Tears of Bore 1?

Exclusive - Gears of Snore 3 (aka 1.5) will be a sidescrolling version of MGS4. Thats right, it will be amazing! It will be just one level in LBP and people will love me for it.

Please dont play GoB1.1, I dont like it myself lol and I made it!

Forbidden_Darkness3658d ago

I loved this level, lots of fun, there was alot of other great levels too.

Tarasque3658d ago

If you think alot is like 3-4 then ok....

juuken3658d ago

Tarasque...what's your problem with the game?
Seriously, what's the problem?

Tarasque3658d ago

My problem is, i went into thinking it was going to be a good platformer cutsie but a solid platformer. Sure it is a good platformer for kid's but not for hardcore gamer such as myself. I found every level so easy i was just baffled, and i found the controls really needed to be tightened up quite a bit. And far as the user created content was just dreadful, very little was complicated platforming which i thought would be in good supply but it was not. I don't care about getting on a snow mobile and riding it to the end to explode and that is it. I don't care about falling through a level of ice collecting bubbles when you don't have to control it and just watch. There was alot of levels like that and i was very disappointed. I am glad so many people think it is great i am happy for them, but i am very disappointed with it and was let down big time. Maybe my expectations was way to high or something.

Sarcasm3658d ago (Edited 3658d ago )

One thing to keep in mind is that it's just the beta, obviously not a reflection of the full game.

It's like someone giving SOCOM a 1/10 for the Beta cause there's "lack of levels" when the beta is purposely only Crossroads.

So @4.3 Wait for the full version of LBP to make any judgement. Otherwise, there's no need for you to go around to every LBP article and troll it. There's a reason why this game still hasn't gotten lower than a 9.

And lastly, you call yourself a hardcore gamer. So why don't you go out and make the best level ever seen in the beta? If you don't like other people's "crap" levels, then go make you're own if your expectations are too mighty.

dantesparda3658d ago (Edited 3658d ago )

Juuken, why are you even asking Tarasque that question? you know the answer to it, its because its on the PS3! That's why he hates it. Hey always has some snide negative remark to make about PS3 games. Face it, he's just a hater. In other words, he's a fanboy, plain, pure and simple!

CViper3658d ago

Day 1. LBP was going to be the following:

1. FLoaty platformer, you could see that from the jumping in the vids since day one. TO where you'd have to kinda move around in the air a little to make your landings.
2. Level Builder
3. Co-Op.
4. Game for the G as in General audience.
5. Good Community Management
6. Cute

What did any of those 4 things do to suggest LBP was going to be a game for the "hardcore" gamers? Was it the adorable cute Sackboys? The game promised just those things, and it delivered on all of them. Thats why everyone is praising the game. It set out to do something, and it did it in flying colors. You read the blueprints, they made the game, now you are surprised? The only niggle I have, is the auto jump & dimensons. And that just took practice.

Thats one thing i find myself laughing at, I just dont get what else people saw in the LBP videos,previews, videos, and screenshots, that I didn't see. Did you guys see viewitful joe or bionic commando or something in there? Because honestly, anyone following LBP would know exactly what to expect. Its why most reviewers are saying it went BEYOND the expectations, which for me it certainly did. I had no clue that the UGC levels would be so fun, and that the building tools were so deep.

I know its more than likely a case of someone just having a hard time accepting that a sony product is getting deserved praise and popularity, so some have to make up reasons to be "disappointed" by it.

You can pretend to be an elitist gamer who only plays the best. But thats not the reality with user generated content. I know many 360 fans have no clue what it is, but for years PC gamers have been doing this. When you open up tools to the world, you get varied results. Some good, some bad, but thats the nature of UGC. You saying 3 levels is beyond retarded. did a top 10 level list, as did Time magazine, perhaps you should consult them to find good levels yea?

Each level despite of how bad it is provides a great co-op experience because no matter what, its about you and 3 other people messing around and having fun, the scenery just changes. Common sense will tell you that the better people get, the more levels there will be. The beta has already had phenomenal levels that i question whether or not the people work for MM. It makes me feel inadequate to know that my dinky little level wont hold up to God Of War. You are judging the game based on a beta, of an old build, and of a select amount of levels. Right now, you ant count the levels since there are going to be new levels almost hourly im sure.

Like all of the other promises or expectations that you've made up for yourself, the internet has never promised that everyone making levels is an expert. Same goes for any mods/maps made for games. But unless you plan on spending any time with custom from scratch user generated content in games, you will more than likely never figure any of this out. I would say its just like moving prefabricated parts around a map, but well.. its nothing like that.

Cenobia3658d ago

Well, one of the great things about LBP is that if you think everyone else's levels aren't up to your expectations, you can make your own and blow everyone's mind.

I honestly don't think you tried that hard. There were a lot of bad levels in the beta, but there were good ones too. There were easy levels and hard levels, you just had to look around. Did you even try to make your own level? That's the part of the game that attracts the core gamers. Playing is fun, but creating is what hooked me.

Or maybe you just don't like the game. That's fine, and I can understand that, but then why are you writing comments like that in an LBP thread? You've obviously already made up your mind about it, so why not just move on?

I LOVE my xbox3658d ago

You took the words straight from my mouth. Bubbles.

popup3658d ago

Speak with your levels, not with your bitter fingers!

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