Mass Shooting Threatened at EVO 2018, FBI Alerted

EVO organizers have notified the FBI and Twitch following a comment from one user today during a stream, who threatened a mass shooting at the upcoming Evolution Championship Series this summer. EVO organizers were taking no chances, after all the event draws a crowd of roughly 10,000 attendees.

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Angainor7223d ago

What we really don't want right now is exactly this. It feels like gaming as entertainment is in danger right now

subtenko221d ago

Well you all kind of aided it... As soon as you started letting politics back into gaming you messed up. I was looking at yall like a bunch of fools. Now you have the chance of all this BS....ya know what this is too much to explain on a gaming website...

UnHoly_One221d ago

What? Who "let" politics into gaming, exactly?

rainslacker221d ago

Politics has been part of gaming since Jack Thompson decided to start his crusade. We didn't inject politics into gaming, politicians and the public did. Any political representation other than that is from the general nature of art to take it's cues from society.

Maybe if you want to make your point, you should try to explain on this gaming website, how he or we messed up. You have 4000 characters per comment to do so, and unless you posted elsewhere in this thread, 9 comments to actually make your case.

UnHoly_One221d ago

I don't think it's in danger at all.

They are looking at all possible explanations trying to figure out why half of our country is insane.

At most, they would do something to criminalize the rating system, in order to make sure it is enforced. There is no way they would start censoring games or blocking certain content, because if they tried to pass that they would have to cover movies and TV as well, and gun violence is like 95% of movies and half of all TV shows.

Don't worry, seriously. Chances are, they do nothing.

Trump just wants to make sure everyone sees him looking at it from every angle.

chrisx222d ago

the FBI should take this as serious as possible.

rainslacker221d ago

This happened a year or two ago as well. I'm pretty sure it was taken seriously. Can't remember the details though, or if it was for evo or some other event

UnHoly_One221d ago

Yeah this guy should spend some time locked up.

Terroristic Threat is the charge.

Even if the guy doesn't own a gun and was incapable of following through with what he said, he can still be charged.

rainslacker221d ago

I don't think a lot of people realize that a specific threat is actually a crime. Some vague reference about how you want the world to burn, or some inference about a specific thing being harmed, isn't usually criminal. But a specific threat can lock you up in jail. Moreso if they actually think you were willing to follow through with it.

danitanzo2222d ago

I didn’t know all commenters on twitch were from one country

KwietStorm221d ago

I think you missed the point

Aceman18221d ago

Right there with you man, this country is in dire need of help and it won't be getting it no time soon.

subtenko221d ago

Why dont you leave? Europe is great, I heard Canada too, and Africa. and Australia.

UnHoly_One221d ago

I'm not tired of the country. I'm very tired of about half the people in it, though.

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Jinger222d ago

Between this and the recent Swatting disaster where the swat team actually killed the kid... gamers are lookin real good right now /s

Elda222d ago

Hopefully they tracked that commenter down thoroughly & charge them with terroristic threats including a shakedown of their home.

81BX221d ago

Home? Shakedown their life. No need for this anywhere

Elda221d ago

True. Shakedown their home to see if they have any weapons to confiscate.

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