The Evil Within 2's Lack of Identity

The Evil Within was a technical mess with a poorly told story and early 2000’s era voice acting. The Evil Within 2 takes several steps forward. From the outset, there’s a sense that Bethesda entrusted Tango Gameworks with a larger budget. Visuals are a generational leap over the first game with better performance to boot. Cutscenes are more slickly produced with a level of competence and cinematic flair the first game could only dream of. There are even some clever scene transitions and decent shot compositions. It is a more polished product. With that said, The Evil Within 2‘s most glaring flaw is its lack of soul. In a bid to win over naysayers of The Evil Within, its sequel makes changes that dilute the intellectual property’s identity.

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-Foxtrot221d ago

Lack of a soul? Lol

It expands on everything from the first game and is a great sequel with the original at heart

The_Jackel220d ago

This guys abit late to the party.... :/ give it another 5+ months it will be about monster hunter

_-EDMIX-_220d ago

Absolutely agreed the development team did a great job with that game, everything from the first game has been completely overhauled corrected and fixed.

Anyone with a stupid argument like the game doesn't have a soul or anything like that that is based on something completely unmeasurable I completely ignore it's basically a user trying to pretend something is wrong with the game but something they can't put into words so it can't be refuted lol

I would argue with such a flimsy argument anybody could say this about any game.

Avengerz43220d ago

Just finished my 2nd clear last night. I thoroughly enjoyed the game definitely better than the first. Game is really fun once you fully unlock all the skills and upgrade all the guns.

Jinger220d ago

Whoever wrote this is on some drugs. Evil Within and 2 are some of my favorite recent horror games. The only one that beats them was RE7 + PSVR was just an unforgettable experience.

_-EDMIX-_220d ago

I like both The Evil Within 2 and Resident Evil 7 but I would actually have to say that Evil Within 1 and Evil Within 2 basically feel like what Resident Evil 4 and 5 actually should have been

Shinji mikami did an absolutely amazing job with those games.

FreddyFazbear220d ago

Agreed, Evil within 2 is an excellent game. Just recently finished it to savor the game and im going to give it a 2nd and 3rd playthrough. Even Neil Druckmann tweeted that its one of the best games of 2017. he finished it within 18hrs accdng to his photo. Its a better game than RE 5 and 6.

MegamanXXX220d ago

It reminds me of the Xbox one. No identity this generation

mandingo220d ago

That’s cold bro hahahaha

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The story is too old to be commented.