Black Ops 4 Teaser Trailer Breakdown – What Can We Expect?

So we finally have an official Black Ops 4 teaser trailer. After several rumors about the next Call of Duty game Activision grants as confirmation with a short but very interesting teaser trailer. Recent rumors speculate about the time period the game takes place and what to expect from the title.

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TheSuperior 1836d ago

Id like to see them go back towards black ops 1. I loved that game. I felt 2 was okay and 3 was a completely different series with the black ops name plastered on the front just to get sales. Id love to see a good campaign in this one.

UCForce1836d ago

This is just rumor but Black Ops 4 could be set in 2020. This is before Black Ops 2. This might be the first prequel COD game.

PhantomS421834d ago

Typical COD garbage, different year and a new coat of paint.

BadElf1834d ago

All depends on what type of paint it is

quenomamen1834d ago

COD only has one type of paint color. Doodoo brown.

BadElf1834d ago

Just let me run around like a normal, modern day human, with cool modern day weapons. And let me chuck Hatchets across the map.
And put in One in the CHamber and Sticks and Sones again!!!! Along with gun game

quenomamen1834d ago

Expect another mediocre at best storyline and a MP full of lag and wall running .

Ninjamonkey821834d ago

F2p cod in china has a battle royal mode in it atm. Maybe they will look at that can't detest to wether its good are not haven't tried it myself.

mafiahajeri1834d ago

With how fast you can get killed in COD that sounds like a nightmare...

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