Sony San Diego Removes Microtransactions for MLB The Show 18's Road to the Show

MLB The Show 18 is the next Sony exclusive to remove microtransactions in (part of) their game, according to a recent statement by Sony San Diego.

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Aceman18222d ago

I didn't even know it had any lol

Seraphim222d ago

The packs included Cards for Diamond Dynasty, Sponsors for [?] and equipment for Road to the Show. Items such as Bats, cleats, gloves, batting gloves, bat tape, sunglasses, rituals, etc; a bunch of different stuff. Having played 1k games of Diamond Dynasty last year and spending some time with Road to the Show it always irked me that they bundled in 3 game modes items into the packs. I suggested splitting them but this is better. Assuming you can still acquire gear for your player or just flat out given all the options. I just hope the packs only contain player cards now for Diamond Dynasty.

lulasi222d ago

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Retroman222d ago

Sony need to Remove All!!! microtransaction in every game. not just few games.

kparks222d ago (Edited 222d ago )

Hell yeah. They need to add online RTTS and co-op multiplayer matches ASAP! that would be dope!

Apocalypse Shadow223d ago

Now add vr home run derby and you got a deal. But the way it looks, they may have lost a sale as MLB Corp is bringing their own vr home run derby game to psvr and I may end up buying that instead.

But good they removed micro transactions.

Kribwalker223d ago

Only some of the MTs

“This isn’t to say that microtransactions are entirely gone from MLB The Show 18. The most notable expense — Diamond Dynasty — will hand on to its microtransactions revolving around card collecting. ”

UCForce222d ago (Edited 222d ago )

True, but it does show more developers from first and third party developer not try to cross the line with MT in AAA games. God of War doesn’t have MT because Cory Barlog confirmed it, not even a little. Like I said before, I prefer the old video game business model from 1998. A full game and expansion pack. Horizon Zero Dawn have expansion pack called Frozen Wild which worth 20$ and Splatoon 2 have expansion pack called Octo Expansion which includes 80 missions. BloodBorne have a great expansion pack. MT in AAA should never belong. It’s only belong in Free to Play model. I’m still upset about ESRB handle MT and loot boxes. They just make dumb solutions. And the gamer community isn’t going to stop complaining about MT and loot boxes in AAA games.

UCForce222d ago (Edited 222d ago )

Even from outside first party, you and others are defending third party shady business. Especially EA for gone too far with MT in AAA. I already did talked about UC4 MP MT and Halo 5 MP MT. So I’m not going to put too much in first party. I’m talking about third party. How long you going to defend these major third party publishers shady business until they stab you in the back ? Can you say the same thing to Metal Gear Survive when the game force you buy SV coins to unlock another avatar ? Is that because you and the others care “the pride and accomplishment” more than fair and share ?

Edit : The best “microtranaction” in game ? I would give it to Warframe, not Sea Of Thieves because that game is full price and have MT which is not belong in paid game. Warframe is free to play and have a great life span for it community.

UCForce222d ago

My statement maybe sound off topic. But the thing is that, gaming community have been divided because of Battlefront 2 MT fiasco and it spread like a wild fire. Some people against it and some people defend it. The worst part is that gamers get paranoid by it. If these major publishers keep adding MT in paid games, people will keep criticizing even it pointless or not.

Brian7655492222d ago

Well EA took the hit for everyone with Star Wars Battlefront II. Now we may (hopefully) see less of them. Sports games are easy to implement them but since they are annual releases that are often full price they shouldn't be there regardless.

Kribwalker222d ago

i said metal gear survive MTs are BS. That’s pay to win MTs. And i’ve said continuously, if they have no bearing on the game and are cosmetic only, i don’t care about them. if they are pay to win then Nope.
What is this 1998 style of full game and expansion? I don’t believe there was DLC for games until the xbox360/ps3 generation. back in 1998 we didn’t even have online connectivity on these platforms

UCForce222d ago

And again, pay to win or cosmetic in AAA games are not allowed. I did read it and yes the microtranaction is still in MLB The Show with cosmetic only. But I do think it would be so much better if Sony San Diego removed it completely. Do you remember Diablo 2 and its expansion pack ?

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Dlaw76222d ago

So Sony was gonna do microtransactions but after seeing the backlash they back out I gotta give it to Sony they play the wait and see game better than anybody

UCForce222d ago

Well, God Of War won’t have MT because it was confirmed by Cory Barlog.

Yohshida222d ago

how would they even add mt to a sp only game?

UCForce222d ago

@VideoGameLab Remember Shadow Of War ? A Single Player with MT. It caused the controversy along side with Battlefront 2. Now these days, people only care about pride and accomplishments than fair and share.

bluefox755222d ago

Yeah, shame on them for listening to players!

Kribwalker222d ago

but they only took one foot out, as they still are selling MTs in the game. Just not in the single player story mode

UCForce222d ago

But the thing is that if we keep pushing these major publishers from first party and third party, there would less MT in AAA games in the future. Of course, it’s gonna take awhile, but it’s better than doing nothing.

AspiringProGenji222d ago

Better than skipping them for 3 months to avoid bad reviews

Dlaw76222d ago

I remember when the PS4 was announced Sony and Microsoft was going similar routes but when Microsoft announced the One a few months after the PS4 and Microsoft got Hella flack for the always on and drm thing Sony back out that situation quick didn't want no parts of it

UCForce222d ago

@Dlaw76 I remember that. But it’s good to see the company not try to cross the line. It’s called smart business. And thank to that, MS went back to 180 to Xbox One be a traditional console. But still, we keep confronting these companies to make sure that these companies don’t go too far.

MasterCornholio221d ago (Edited 221d ago )


"Microsoft got Hella flack for the always on and drm thing Sony back out that situation quick didn't want no parts of it"

Actually there's no evidence of that. It's just because because thought that Microsoft would never do that unless Sony did something similar.

rainslacker221d ago (Edited 221d ago )

How did Sony back out of the DRM thing when they were never said to be in it? It was only speculation and postulation which said they would do it. About all they said about it was they considered it, not that they intended to do it. Then with the used games thing, they said that that was what the consumer wanted, so that was their expectation. I image they considered it because the prospect was proposed to them. No evidence of collusion. Even if they were going to do it, they didn't, so again, they listened to what the consumer wanted, while MS sat there and tried to say how great the idea was until they saw their pre-order numbers months later.

Other than that, I'd rather Sony remove MT from their games if the consumer isn't happy about it. Not sure we should be criticizing the devs/pubs who do so as if they're responding only because of the backlash. The backlash was there because people wanted results. If results come, what's to complain about?

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elazz222d ago

Looking at how pre orders are going (already aiming to surpass most MLB games after just a few weeks) this will probably become the most popular MLB game ever

wenaldy222d ago

Great gesture from Sony.

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