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Videogamer writes: "There's a feeling that an awful lot is riding on LittleBigPlanet. Some have called it the saviour of the PS3. Others have labelled it the most creative game of all time. It's even being held aloft as the poster boy for a new wave of user created gaming. For some it's just the game that is going to breathe life into the near-dead 2D platforming genre. So yeah, it's fair to say that LittleBigPlanet had the potential to destroy the dreams of an extremely vocal online community and hurt the company that invested a lot to bring the game to market. Thankfully developer Media Molecule has delivered a game that succeeds on most counts, fails in only a few and offers enough to be enjoyed by just about anyone."

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Jackthepwnsaur3657d ago

i can understand if the controls are not precise, but to give gameplay an 8? this game is all about gameplay!

-GametimeUK-3657d ago

Is nowhere near the standard of lets say a Mario game... The enemies in LBP can be restrictive, The jumping isnt all that and the controls in general are not as good as a Mario game... So yeah gameplay wise I think an 8 is spot on and is stll very good... The overall value of this game comes from expression imo

expression >>> gameplay (as far as lbp is concerned)

socomnick3657d ago

This game is all about creating and sharing levels. Gameplay just isnt there. There are only 2 different controls , grab, and jump. thats it.

Overr8ed3657d ago

have YOU PLAYED the game? If you did then you would know that it isnt just that.

DeZimatoR3657d ago

lol...'reviewers' never learn...

WHY do they keep on docking points off games' scores just because they were hyped? I mean, how many LBP articles did this site have? Lots probably..

Bit, fat, f#cking LOL at VG giving an 8 to gameplay...really?! Just because the jumping doesn't 'feel right' to them?

Haha whatever...whats funny though, is that, as hard as they may try, they just can't score this game below 9, it would just make them look like retards :P

The power of Sackboy is huge! :D

HowarthsNJ3657d ago

If you get sheer joy from creating, the game is a 10.

I suspect those who don't enjoy creating will give it a 9.

Me, I'm suffering from LBP withdrawal after using the beta for a week and losing it. It's a massive time killer. Four hours go by in a flash.

Even if you're not into platforming, the physics will keep you entertained. Rocket engines, elastic and string = great fun IMO.

beast3657d ago

VG reviews

Halo 3 = 10
Gears of War =10
Mass effect = 10

Thank you

Good Bye VG

slave2Dcontroller3657d ago (Edited 3657d ago )

now i see. Thanks for clearing that up beast. Those commi bastards!-jk

SL1M DADDY3657d ago (Edited 3657d ago )

, they forgot to send out the swag bags...


Sad, but when a game like Halo 3 gets a higher score than a new, fresh IP like LBP then you have to admit, the site is a bit off their rocker. Not saying H3 was terrible but it was more H2.5 more than it was a true Halo 3.

karlostomy3657d ago (Edited 3657d ago )

there's a conspiracy against the ps3!

VG those basterds!
Let's boycott their website like good little sdf sheep!

next week: SDF boycotts lazy developers

coming soon: SDF boycotts square enix

//end sarcasm

Overr8ed3657d ago

lol, commi bastards!
Yea this site tight favors the 360, look at its comparison videos.
The only real complain you can give to this game is the controls (which i somewhat agree on)but its a small learning curve. but making the gameplay drop to 8 because of it is just stupid.

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Shaka2K63657d ago

gameplay 8? LMAO who takes them seriously anyways.

Hahahahahahaha this microsuck slaves gave failo 3 gameplay a 10 Hahahahahahahahahahahahaha!

Yet another reason why this site fails hard.

MGS4 gameplay an 8? LMAO.

dj_funky3657d ago

more like LOL

pwnsause3657d ago (Edited 3657d ago )

or more like, seriously, dont you love hypocrites? it was obvious that they had no choice but to give it a 9. they just cant lose their fanbase. even Eurogamer attempted to drop it below a 9. But they cant, cause they would not only look like fanboys in the end, but also as the biggest retards in the world. Im waiting to see how much gamespot and gamedaily gives this, cause if they give it below a 9.5 they are going to get ripped apart. Especially gamedaily, which gave MGS4 an 8/10 because glass was not real enough

n4gzz3657d ago

9 is good score but this is very immature review. Gameplay 8 ?? LBP is all about gameplay and that's the reason its scoring 10 on most of reviews.

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