Dead Mountaineer's Hotel Delayed Until 2009

Softpedia writes: "Detective games aren't very popular with gamers, but that doesn't stop developers from creating new titles that get you to solve murder cases. Be it based on Sherlock Holmes or Hercule Poirot, a good detective game always puts you stranded in a remote location and with a mysterious case on your hands. The upcoming Dead Mountaineer's Hotel is no exception to this rule, putting the player in the shoes of Peter Glebski, who is tasked with solving the murder of a guest in a big hotel in the Alps.

Although it was slated for release this holiday season, the publisher of the game, Lighthouse Interactive, has just announced that, in order to further polish up the game and deliver a very enjoyable experience to players, the title will be delayed. Gamers will have to set aside their detective skills until 2009 when the game will finally hit the shelves."

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