All the Reasons This Nintendo Direct Was Indeed a Megaton

Nintendo just delivered a megaton punch in the form of the March 2018 Nintendo Direct. There’s lots to talk about, so rather than over-explain it, we’ll get straight to the punch and check out why this Direct was a true Megaton.

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CyberSentinel226d ago

A bunch of ports that I already own.

Aceman18226d ago

I have Crash and Okami on PS4. The only game on this list I truly want to play is Octopath Traveler. The rest I don't care about.

CyberSentinel226d ago

Octopath Traveler is a must buy for me.
I’m also interested in the new Kirby switch game.

_-EDMIX-_225d ago

That's very funny, okay so I'm glad I'm not the only one that felt the same way that's probably the only game that I'm going to buy that I saw

getbacktogaming225d ago

I have never been able to play games in the genre of Octopath in the past but with that sweet art style I really want to try it!

Gaming_1st225d ago

Sorry, it was very underwhelming for me.

xPaYDaYx225d ago

Man have you tried the demo? The game is amazing...Cannot wait for July to come.

PeaSFor225d ago (Edited 224d ago )

Nothing for me other than Captain Toad and Octopath Traveler, weakest "megaton" ever.(i dont own a Switch to play inferior ports)

(Kirby demo made me decide to skip it, the fact that its 30fps when it obviously shouldnt is just a big turn off for me.)

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moegooner88226d ago

*Full priced ports. I love Nintendo, but it is amazing how journalists give antics like these a free pass.

225d ago
DJK1NG_Gaming225d ago

Pokemon is 2018 or later.
Nintendo has it in their press release schedule. It's not TBA 2019.

indysurfn225d ago (Edited 225d ago )


Neonridr226d ago (Edited 226d ago )

you own the new Smash game? You know it was confirmed already that it isn't a port right?

CyberSentinel226d ago

It looks like a port to me, watch it be the Wii U game with all the dlc and maybe some new characters. Nintendo will probably call it “Super Smash Brothers Deluxe”, just like they did with Mario Kart.

Neonridr226d ago

how does it look like a port in any way. all we got was a CGI trailer. The entire roster looks completely different.

Gaming_1st225d ago


While we cant say it looks like a port. But saying the entire roster looks different is crazy. Its all the exact same characters that was in the WiiU version.

Obviously you never played a previous version of smash bro's. So i will let you do what you do best and just keep defending anything Nintendo.

Neonridr225d ago

@Gaming_1st - BOTW link? An Arms character? Splatoon Inklings? I should ask if you even played the Wii U version.

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Old McGroin225d ago

Love the Switch but besides Smash Brothers there's pretty much nothing else on the horizon to get me excited. Looking forward to Dark Souls but this will be my second time buying it. So far we only have solid release dates up to the 13th of July (according to the Coming Soon section on the E-Shop) so I'm hoping some seriously big guns are rolled out at E3.

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masterfox226d ago

So let me get this straight, you are paying 300 dlls for that thing called Switch and in top of it some of those games will be priced at 60 dlls with games of such questionable quality?, I...I...have no words really , is just so sad that people justifies that thing , sorry but imo is beyond reasoning , seriously mini games ?, Splatton ?, Kirby ?, Mario Tennis ?, and yet called this a Megaton ?, I really don't know how people can come and say with a straight face that this is the best thing evar?, just wow, and people yet people say I'm the fanboy?, LOL XD. Nintendo mediocrity hasn't been removed one bit, all those games shown it looks games from the PS3 and 360 era, just look at them!.

Thank god Playstation team up with Nintendo never happened back in the 90's , we could end up only with all those inferior sad old games from Nintendo in this year and era, or even worst!, the Gaming industry wouldn't even exist by now!, and sorry I'm really not exaggerating here, a little bit of common sense will let you know what I mean.

Neonridr226d ago

Smash.. will destroy anything Sony or MS bring out this holiday. Mark my words.

masterfox226d ago (Edited 226d ago )

Smash Brothers over God of War hmmm, yeeaaahhh sure whatever you say man XD

Oh almost forgot GoW will be available next month ;) , and for you I'm pretty sure will playing your Wii U...I mean the new Switch Smash brother game in the next couple months, I mean holiday sorry. Have fun.

Neonridr226d ago

@masterfox - wanna wager which one will sell more copies? I will give you a hint.. it won't be God of War

Neonridr226d ago

oh and master, I have the collector's edition of god of war ordered.. so I guess I will be enjoying both games, while you only get to enjoy 1.

Gaming4Life1981225d ago

Smash bros will not destroy anything Sony or MS will bring out this year lol. It may sell more but when does sells of a game mean it is the better game. I don't agree with everything the original poster said but he is correct that in no way was this megaton as the article states.

Sm00thop225d ago

Red Dead 2 is out this year, we all know that game will pretty much smash everything thats released.

Gaming_1st225d ago


Kid, and i'm being generous with that term. Just give it a rest already my lord. You act like a kid being picked last for kickball. Just take your ball and go home.

Kyizen225d ago

Which number Smash is this...must be boring not getting new IPs

Neonridr225d ago

@Gaming_1st - right.. lol

are you serious? With the things people say on here? I am at least being level headed with my statement. Disagree with it all you want, but Smash will clearly sell more copies than God of War.

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TekoIie225d ago


Come on buddy we all know Smash is a larger game series than GoW. The Wii U version of Smash sold nearly 6 mil and that's enough to show that it's a force to be reckoned with.

masterfox225d ago

For me Smash is just a fighting game and that's it nothing to brag about imo, and is ridiculous how crazy people gets with such little, I mean the premise of Smash is just be victorious in a match of a combination of 4 players or less, and that's it , and you will do that over and over again, using most of them kiddie oriented characters, as you can see is not the big deal a really very forgettable experience, but for God of War ? Oh man, we are talking about a triple AAA game here, is the experience controlling Kratos, is the experience going out for an adventure, is the experience going against freaking gods but this time with a different mythology, all that with stunning next gen visuals, comparing God of War with Smash is like an saying a Lion against a deer(Smash XD), in the end Smash is just a genre a fighting game genre and that's it, God of War is a combination of several genres making for it a complete package, not to mention God of War has influenced alot of other games over since its release, and Smash how strong has been its influenced since its released besides crazy rabid fans defending like if there was no tomorrow?, hahhaha hilarious indeed XD.

TekoIie225d ago (Edited 225d ago )


You've grossly oversimplified Smash and then basically over glorified the content of a God of War game. If the premise of Smash is to "just be victorious in a match of a combination of 4 players or less, and that's it , and you will do that over and over again" then how is God of War not just a button mashing linear corridor game?

Neither are "just" that and you're being a bit too blatant in your fanboyism to just try and make it look like the difference between these two very different games is that straightforward. I will give you credit though because your description of GoW makes me genuinely belive you own Sony shares.

"not to mention God of War has influenced alot of other games over since its release, and Smash how strong has been its influenced since its released besides crazy rabid fans defending like if there was no tomorrow?, hahhaha hilarious indeed XD."

Oh dear masterfox. Its okay to have a preference for Sony but dont be so blatantly ignorant of just how many Smash Bros inspired games there are like Brawlhalla, Melee masters, Rivals of the Aether and of course Playstation All-Stars. Both are great game series, but dont act like one of them has had no impact on gaming while the other is basically the mother of all games.

Neonridr223d ago

masterfox probably though Playstation All Stars was an awesome game on the flip side.. :P

_-EDMIX-_225d ago

Well this is one of those things where it's to each his own I would argue to somebody who likes Nintendo properties seeing these properties return is Megaton to them just as much as somebody who might like Sony games hearing a bunch of new intellectual properties.

I only like one game that's been announced but then again I don't really like as much Nintendo properties as I did maybe 15 to 20 years ago. This is Megaton to those who like Nintendo no different than if Electronic Arts had some convention where they announced the next Mass Effect Battlefield Dragon Age Mirror's Edge what have you. So if you like that publisher of course you're going to see things differently. So I agree with you that it's not really Megaton but then again my opinion is also based on subjectivity.

doos_vd_kak225d ago (Edited 225d ago )

"with games of questionable quality"

All credibilty lost RIGHT THERE.

*Nigerian voice* Get outta here man sh## you know what I'm saying!!

DanteVFenris666225d ago

Well for someone who doesn’t think they sound like a fanboy you sure sound like a giant one.

How are these any less megatons then Sony games?

G3ng4r225d ago

Looks like a lot of downplay to me. Maybe they're holding out hope to win e3 and some self-validation.

TallonIV225d ago

Sony will never have a bigger IP than Mario, Zelda, Smash or Pokemon. Sorry to break it to you kid Lol!

masterfox225d ago

Yeah bigger IPs, just imagine if Nintendo the team up with Sony, we would end up the Playstation probably never created and this gaming industry would be a fraction of what it is now, yeah Sooooo so much for your bigger beloved IPs of Nintendo, lol, just imagine only Zelda, smash or pokemons ?, uggh disgusting imo.

Another , Sony has indeed its own multimillion dollar franchises probably not as big as Mario or Zelda cause you know, damn games didn't existed in the 80's!! damn seriously dude knowledge knowledge!, also Playstation is an IP creator like no one else, not to mention it gives the opportunity to developers to retain their games, just remember the Playstation what it did, opened the games to be multimillion dollar franchises for example, RE series, Devil May Cry series, Resident Evil series , Final Fantasy VII it all begun here ;), Gran Turismo, Crash Bandicoot, Uncharted games, Silent Hill series, God of War, the list goes on and on, and now, what Nintendo did to make developers successful since ever ?, short answer nothing!, Nintendo like to put constraints on developers and this is well proven, please tell me a franchise or developer that Nintendo help to make successful over the years besides its exclusives like your beloved Pokemons or plumber bearded man?, lol good luck.

So sorry dude but in the end this the reality and lots of Nintendo fans just like to be in denial most of the time, you can say whatever you want of those Mario IPs, but you know Nintendo is very closed minded and likes to create games for certain demographic while Sony creates games for World and that's why is number 1!, Peace!

G3ng4r225d ago (Edited 225d ago )

Mario poked the wrong bhole this time.
As much as I'd love to tear your garbage post apart I'm at work so I'll have to get it later.

G3ng4r224d ago

Yes, bigger IPs. It's refreshing how butthurt you sound to admit it. You also sound like you have some deeply personal sh*t to sort out with nintendo for you to think they're disgusting, haha. Show us where they touched you.

Sony has IPs that do well too. I'm a fan of ps1 and ps2 so I know there are good games on sony platforms. That said, nothing on ps4 will sell as much, review as well or be a more important release than smash 5. You probably know this and it's what's got you all bothered. Chances are it'll be at evo long after you've moved on to ps5 and GoW never made it to 10 million units. Even as a fan I'm trying to remember what the playstation 1 did to help out other than making a competing console and having developers make games for it. Several games you list that sony helped off the ground are first party, so I would hope so lol. I doubt sony helped the third party as much besides offering a newer platform. By the way you listed resident evil twice and final fantasy didn't start with vii. As for an example of nintendo helping out I remember them footing the bill for bayonetta 2. Wasn't there just recently some saltiness about that? I like how you list first party and tell TallonIV not to, amateur. You realize they could just post a bunch of nes third party and wreck that whole idea right?

The end there, I guess you're implying nintendo games don't have worldwide appeal which would make you look like a clown because currently the only game on ps4 selling like a nintendo game is monster hunter world. That's what your whole post was about, you're mad and disgusted at that appeal. Say "nintendo is for babies and I'm number one" and run along.

Tobse225d ago

Some people prefer fun and gameplay. Others prefer watching movies play themselfs

Cmoney007224d ago

This guy! lol

The reason people still believe in Nintendo is because they make quality games. I would rather own a Nintendo Switch than an Xbox One. Please tell me that you are not one of those people that is obsessed with graphics? Nintendo games still have nice graphics. Gameplay and Story can be more important than graphics. If you are that obsessed with graphics, then I would own a PC. lol

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Relientk77226d ago

Smash was the only game I saw I'm 100% buying

TheColbertinator226d ago

They announced games and that was fantastic. Certain other hardware makers should take a hint on what the gaming industry is all about.

Moonman226d ago (Edited 226d ago )

Thank you, agreed! :)

Gaming_1st225d ago

I totally agree, like making 70 dollar cardboard to sell to people. Look, you people can make the dumb assumptions all you want. Facts are facts and nothing can change that. It was a very underwhelming ND, plain and simple. Doesn't hold a candle to the so called "Other hardware" makers.

SR388225d ago (Edited 225d ago )

As many of you on here know I'm ultra Ninty fan, I do like the others lots too.... But the direct was bumeyes wasn't it???... Too many ports and rehashes for me, would be so bad if they were around £20 on release but nah... Only two things worth caring about for me... splatoon 2 octo expansion and of course SMA5H!

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