Pure Opinion: The Division Was Better Than Most People Give It Credit For

Pure PlayStation: The Division was certainly falsely advertised at some key pre-release moments. It had legitimate problems. But past those issues was an enjoyable third-person shooter romp.

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ocelot07311d ago

I only bought the division last year. Played it with friends and thought it was decent. Not sure how it was at launch. But I didn't have an issue with it. Got my money's worth out of it. Loads of improvements can be made for The Division 2 though.

_-EDMIX-_311d ago

I only got the division a few months ago and I really like it

I actually think I would have had no problem buying it full price at launch. I'm definitely looking to buy the sequel day 1.

Araragifeels 311d ago

Launch day was really bad, it was broken and buggy. I remember that everyone needed to line up in the game in order to access the laptop.

Kosic311d ago

And that you could block the door to the first building so no one could advance their progression.

Gaming_1st311d ago


"it was broken and buggy"

Sounds like 90% of online games.

Vegamyster311d ago

At launch there wasn't much content to keep people hooked, the next couple updates killed the only end game activity (crafting) in favor of a heavy grind with no sense of reward, never mind all the bugs. I have to give Massive credit for sticking with the game and fixing all these problems though, the game mechanically/content wise is night & day better. It's a shame it couldn't have been like this at launch but hopefully this leads to the 2nd game launching without all those problems and keeps the player base hooked for longer.

Tru_Blu311d ago

I got it at launch and it was a decent game for a week or 2, after that it got stale fast and I moved on. Never tried it after any of the updates though so it may very well have more depth to it now.

killswitch80311d ago

Amazing game cant wait for the second one..not for COD heads

Kosic311d ago

I enjoyed The Division when leveling and doing some of the end game 4 player content, but at time grew on. The gear became boring to farm and everything lead back to the Dark Zone.
If they made the game a little crazier on loot, skills and had dedicated classes/specs, it would've been a better RPG.
I didn't enjoy farming a set to find out the game play didn't change at all, or the set was lack luster.

I would like to see a healing class with hybrid dps spec, a tank class with a hybrid dps spec and a full dps class with close to mid range talents and mid to long range talents.

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The story is too old to be commented.