Game-Boyz: LittleBigPlanet Preview

Game-Boyz writes: "Sony was kind enough to give us a beta key to the upcoming platform centric LittleBigPlanet. Upon downloading and installing the game I fired it up with some anticipation as I was finally going to get a personal taste of what Sackboy and his crazy world was all about.

I have to say that the gang at Media Molecule is one creative bunch. This was evident right from the start as you take Sackboy through a very level. What you will notice is that as you make your way through this introductory level you are actually viewing the game's credits and pictures of all the folks at Media Molecule who made the game possible. I usually dislike having to read credits, but the way it is presented here is very ingenious, somewhat cute, and really sets the tone for the game to come."

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