"Grand Theft Auto V Premium Edition" rated by South Korean Gaming Board

Update (9.3.18 09:03:18) Grand Theft Auto V Premium Edition has been rated by the South Korean Gaming rating Board for the Xbox One and PlayStation 4. Further Indicating that the premium edition is in fact releasing. We still don't have any information on what it includes though. It releases March 23rd.

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Moonman1133d ago

The article states 90 million copies of Grand Theft Thriller V have been Maybe Switch can get the standard PS4 version if this upgraded 4K version is true?

Kabaneri1132d ago

Can we get a resolution bump on the Pro? Not that difficult R*.

lptmg1132d ago

because Rockstar wasn't happy enough with only 150 squintillion copies sold

PowerOfTheCloud1132d ago (Edited 1132d ago )

They are starving at rockstar. For each 10million copies of gta sold, one developer can be fed for 4 months. Help now by ordering you own copy of gta v: ultimate edition. PLEASE HELP *sad music and footage of hungry devs lying at their workplaces unable to program games because they are too weak.

getbacktogaming1132d ago

Rockstar is an amazing developper but lol that comment.

JerseyDon1132d ago

Let's release the same game 5 times a generation...

Dlaw761132d ago

It's the best game I would buy it for Da X again

Gaming_1st1132d ago


I mean if people are going to buy it....Shrugs*..IMO, its the best GTA to date. But i wouldn't buy it multiple times.

JerseyDon1132d ago

It's a amazing game no doubt but at this point it has been released 5 times since it's release... It's getting a little ridiculous at this point

bloop1132d ago

I'd imagine the "premium" content is just going to be GTA:O stuff. Can't see them doing anything else to the game at this stage. I double dipped myself because I was still playing it regularly when it came out for current gen, but I can't see a whole lot of people triple dipping. I was a little bit disappointed with the current gen release too. The performance upgrade was nice, and the first person view. I was hoping they'd have pushed it a bit further though. Even with the pedestrians for instance. There didn't seem to be much difference from last gen regarding numbers. I was expecting 3/4 times more peds in more built up areas. The consoles are more than capable too. All you have to do is look at the likes of AC: Unity. I was really expecting something similar with the current gen version.

getbacktogaming1132d ago

I haven't bought it yet... Too busy playing other games and now that RDR 2 is releasing damn that is much more my style!

Gaming_1st1131d ago


Doesn't matter if it has been released 40 times. If people are still willing to buy it, then it's a smart business move on their part. This is simple business 101.

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