PUBG is the third highest earning game ever on Steam, according to Gabe Newell

Newell connects Valve's investment in technology to PUBG's success.

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Cyborgg1049d ago (Edited 1049d ago )

What about Xbox Gabe?

yomfweeee1049d ago

Why would he know facts about Microsoft?

Kabaneri1049d ago

Is it just me or did Fortnite totally steal PUBG's spotlight? All my friends switched over and it seems more popular on Twitch.

MatrixxGT1049d ago

Ive played both and I prefer pubg. Especially since all my friends play and we play squads. however the issue with pubg (on Xbox) is server lag, drops outs, bugs, glitches, etc. Fortnite runs smooth, polished, matches are quicker. In this day and age people hold games to a higher standard and pubg doesn’t cut it right now. Fortnite is constantly updating adding to the map, adding weapons, etc. pubg updates more slowly and still not making very big progress towards a finished game.
Pubg needs to understand that if they don’t add a new map or time of day changes, new guns or something people will eventually get bored when fun factor wears off.

subtenko1049d ago

its not just you. Fornite keeps on coming out with stuff, and I hear and see people playing it more than PUBG. Not only that, there are more battle royale games coming out that are more similar to PUBG than fortnite so I can see PUBG diminishing a bit of playerbase that it once had

subtenko1049d ago

Im all about Fortnight now