Game Vortex: Baja: Edge of Control Review

Game Vortex writes: "If you don't love the great outdoors, you probably aren't a great candidate to enjoy Baja: Edge of Control. This is a game that features some rugged, beautiful terrain from locations like Cabo San Lucas, Mexico and Lake Powell, USA. Not having been to Cabo, I can't speak to the accuracy of this depiction, but it isn't like some street-racing title where you need to see familiar corners and landmarks. The only landmarks you'll need in Baja: Edge of Control are the dirty humps of track, sandy berms, and boulders. The fine touches in each environment are sharply in focus and realistic, from waving grass and saguaro cacti to heartbreakingly blue skies. There could have been a bit more dust and dirt coming off the tracks for the sake of realism, but the graphics overall are excellent. There are a slew of special features in the game that showcase "making of" video and footage from the creation of Baja: Edge of Control."

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