Naughty Dog | An Update from Studio President Evan Wells

Naughty Dog President Evan Wells shares some exciting updates about the studio and The Last of Us Part II.

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AspiringProGenji224d ago

Naughty Dog, the Tom Brady of Game developers

-Foxtrot224d ago

Tom Brady couldn't even handle a fat New England guy sing Shipoopi on the playing field

doos_vd_kak223d ago

Sony still has the strongest line up this year.

FITgamer224d ago

Oh hell no. You better put some RESPEC on the Naughty Dog name.

Skankinruby224d ago

I hate Brady with every fiber of my being, but you're right, GOAT

EverydayGuy224d ago

Your saying Naughty Dog cheats?

InTheZoneAC224d ago

Tom Brady without an OL=throwing passes into the ground, even with BB as the HC

Tom Brady with protection=one of the best all time

Just a FYI

InTheZoneAC222d ago

I guess no one remembers the Giants vs Patriots or Ravens vs Patriots a couple times in the playoffs?

Foxhound922223d ago

Skill-wise, you'd be correct. Everything else, you couldn't be more wrong.

subtenko223d ago

ewww dont compare these fine developers to overpaid BS NFL people (not that I know much about tom brady tbh, I hate the NFL)

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-Foxtrot224d ago

I just hope in the end Neil's feminist agenda dosen't become over much as he's a great director

Eonjay224d ago

Agenda? You do realize that all of us have opinions. You included. That doesn't mean you have an agenda just because I might disagree with you.

-Foxtrot224d ago (Edited 224d ago )

Not really an opinion though when you are trying hard to make it's fact

Take Uncharted female characters...Elena, Chloe, Rikka, Marisa, all pretty well written and grounded for what the games are. Then you have super soldier Nadine trying to prove a point because the writer is trying to please people like Anita.

See the difference? The former female characters were written the way they are for the game while the latter was a little bit of a statement from Neil thus being the least female character out of them all. It's not a coincidence.

CaptainSellers224d ago (Edited 224d ago )

@Foxtrot, you realise that Nadine got her arse kicked by Asav pretty badly a couple of times times right? Hardly a super soldier, I think you're really reaching there.

-Foxtrot224d ago


You mean in Lost Legacy...the newer game set after Uncharted 4 where they took in fan feedback to try and make her likable

OffRoadKing224d ago

Agenda and opinions are very different things and some people clearly have an agenda.

Silly gameAr224d ago

If seems like everything he doesn't agree with is an agenda. Nadine especially, He has a deep hatred for that woman that I can't even begin to understand.

thekhurg224d ago

If you've read some of the hyper liberal/SJW stuff Neil posts online - you'd realize he does have an agenda.

Doesn't make his games bad - but he does have a ridiculous agenda.

TricksterArrow223d ago (Edited 223d ago )

Nadine gets b*** slapped and put in her place by Rafe in the original Uncharted 4.

KwietStorm223d ago

Didn't you know? Women are all supposed to be weak and stay in their lane. Every single one of them. So in the rare occasion when a female like Nadine is strong, someone has an "agenda," because reasons.

I mean how lame do you have to be as a man to be complaining ad nauseum about feminist agendas because of a videogame character. Doesn't take much to threaten people in this world.

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TroubleShot224d ago

Guy putting prominent women in his game = agenda. Said the crazy person.

_-EDMIX-_224d ago

What agenda? Are you seriously telling me that just because you disagree with something that anybody that makes a game about it must have an agenda?

Ironically speaking any social justice Warrior could come out and say that any game with a male protagonist. Straight is fitting some agenda I'm sorry but both arguments are completely stupid.

Any artist could make any game they want for any reason they want.

So are you telling me artistic design is not the ultimate agenda? They're not allowed to have that? Smh

Buddy if your biggest worry is about the main reason behind why someone wrote a specific game I don't know if you should even be playing games anymore if this is seriously what you're worried about, you could spend your entire life never even knowing why any designer writer artist singer film director game designer what have you did something....

rainslacker223d ago

I haven't seen this "agenda" make it's way into his games. Maybe some more representation of "progressive" groups, but he's made them fit into the games they are placed in. Ellie being gay was the first thing that showed up, and that wasn't blatant. Beyond that, what else has he done to indicate that his opinions will shape his games for the worst? Every writer or director has some of themselves in their writing. All that matters is if it's done from the point of view of proper representation because it can make a good story, or if it's forced in to try and make some political statement. Ellie being gay didn't seem like a political statement, nor did Nadine being made black after her initial creation. They were just aspects of the character which were either handled well in the case of Ellie, or were fairly inconsequential to the character in UC, except in the case of Nadine, at least it made sense based on her back story.

RememberThe357223d ago (Edited 223d ago )

It seems like some people feel threatened when cliches are flipped. What the hell is threatening about powerful women? More power to em. If it adds to the story or feel, do it. We ask for more dynamic, interesting characters and he gives them to us. I hope he keeps pushing his characters into narrow places, the results are almost always fantastic.

rainslacker223d ago

I think back on ND more recent games like UC or TLOU, and I keep thinking about how they have quite a few female characters. Without fail, they tend to be strong women, with their own personalities, and they have their own usefulness to the story or in some cases the game play.

I find it rather funny that Foxtrot singles out Nadine, when you had Elena who was a successful journalist, and could hold her own in a gun fight, and was often smarter than the main character himself.

You have Chloe who was just as capable as the main character, could kick ass, could hold her own in a gun fight, and was often smarter than the main character himself.

You have Ellie, who despite being a 14 year old teen, could pick up a rifle for the first time that was much more powerful than she should have been able to handle given her weight and strength, and could snipe enemies from 100 yards away, sneak around and use her head to get through stressful situations, and could wail against clickers and thugs alike with ferocious violent intent to kill, and no one said a word.

You have Riley, who despite being a young teenager, is smart, and can hold her own in a fight, and is knowledgeable about a lot of things which someone in her situation really shouldn't be knowledgeable in. '

You have Tess who is probably more in charge than Joel is in their smuggling ring. Is a capable fighter, and can hold her own in a gun fight.

You have Marlene who is the leader of the only known resistance group in TLOU. She's smart, passionate, and despite not shown that much, can hold her own in a fight. No reason for her to be black, but she is. No explicable reason why she is the leader of the fireflies, but she is without complaint, and given the context of the story, commands a great deal of respect, and is feared by whatever establishment exist to keep order.

You have Marlowe, who is a cold and calculating leader of a secret society, and is apparently very successful in life, and commands respect...even among the protagonist. No explicable reason why she's a female, but she is, and no one says a word.

But then you have Nadine. A trained soilder with a real cause and reason for being the right hand man of the main protagonist, and suddenly, there is no explicable reason for her being able to fight other than some SJW agenda. Her being black makes no sense, despite being the daughter of a war monger from South Africa.

FoxTrot in particular has really zeroed in on this character, but seems to ignore all the women in ND games past and present, even though half those women were around before Druckman's agenda was made more public.

Death223d ago

How does Ellie’s sexual preference being known make the game better? Not knowing a characters preference makes them relatable to all gamers. Knowing can isolate them. If establishing a characters sexuality doesn’t drive the story forward, it is simply pushing an agenda.

UCForce223d ago

@Death Can you say the same thing with Halo 5 campaign ? I played Halo 5 campaign and there was some parts that have agenda in it. I won’t spoil it, but you will know where it is. Naughty Dogs games are always about story telling and characters development. I’m sorry, but you are just one blindsided without seeing two or three.

rainslacker222d ago (Edited 222d ago )


I prefer it before Druckman said she was gay. Before that, it could have been interpreted as a intimate moment between two close friends. It didn't have to be based on sexual preference. Everything up to that point just seemed like two close friends.

I was disappointed when Druckman said that was his intent, because the rest of the game left a lot of things open to discussion.

That being said, if you ignore what was said, her sexual preference was moot, and still is unless you explore it further outside the game. Just like Bill's sexual preference was moot. It was added without noticeable pretext, and whatever their sexual preference was, it didn't change their character. Bill's sexual preference had nothing to do with the story, but it did establish the character and gave you more insight into who they were. Sometimes, story is more than just driving narrative, because the characters and how they fit into the narrative is part of telling a story. Sometimes these things are done in a way that works, other times it's done in a way that seems forced. Like in Mass Effect 3, it seemed forced. In ND games, it doesn't feel so as much, because it's more of a side note than a focus.

Like I said, something of the author is going to always be present in their work. It can't be avoided. It doesn't mean it's for an agenda. He may have an agenda, but it's not like he's beating us over the head with it.

RememberThe357222d ago

@death It gives her character a depth, makes her different than Lara Croft. It's offbeat for female leads and helps lessen her as a sexual object (to keep up tension and all that other kind of crap while actually playing). I love Aloys hips when she's walking and the same with Lara Croft, it lightens the tone, not saying that's bad though. There are a number of reasons why Ellie's story, as it was told, was worth telling.

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Mr Lahey223d ago

Fox, just go play something else then..

gangsta_red223d ago

The agree/disagree ratio tho. Go get 'em Fox!

UCForce223d ago

Do you think that Fox always right ? You, me and Fox aren’t always right. We can be hypocrites, overthinking and be a jerk. Fox maybe right, but he just being hyper sensitive.

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sprinterboy223d ago (Edited 223d ago )

Congrats to all, it wasn't just Neil you know.

Avengerz43224d ago

Best studio in gaming, can't wait to lose my everyday life to TLoU 2 when it launches.

AspiringProGenji224d ago

I hope I don’t die before TLoU 2 comes.

mch2011uk224d ago (Edited 224d ago )

Well done Neil for getting rid of Amy.