8 Nintendo Direct Announcements We Still Can't Get Over

Greysun From Twinfinite Writes: “The Nintendo Direct from yesterday afternoon provided us with a wealth of announcements, some expected, and some very unexpected.”

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1417d ago
Knushwood Butt1416d ago

So much milking of old games.

Fantomex1416d ago

Unfortunately. I have been saying all along since Tomb Raider Definitive Edition that this will be the thing. Now look at it. New big releases are getting fewer, because it costs more money, takes more time, and recycling games is low effort, high reward. Pile on this MTs, Lootboxes, DLCs, you name it. Gaming has never been so good.

Shiken1416d ago

More like giving good games that failed to fly on a dead console a second chance at life on a console that is spreading like wildfire.

3-4-51416d ago


One Smash per console or gen is the complete opposite of milking.

go get a hobby.

Teflon021415d ago

I think they're talking ports, not smash. Not sure how you thought announcing a new game in a ip they own would mean milking old games.

NecrumOddBoy1416d ago

I'm glad Captain Toad is porting over with new content since I didn't get to play it, but this was a really weak ass direct and the fact that they are still supporting the 3DS issuch a turn-off. You literally have a console that can be taken on the go. Put all these games on the switch for the love of anything sacred

Fantomex1416d ago

It's understandable supporting the 3DS still. There's a large userbase there.

Teflon021415d ago

I was annoyed that they're still bringing Mario and Luigi titles to it. They could have just released it on switch. That I'd be happy to hear