The Xbox One Has Lost This Generation to Switch and PS4

This generation hasn’t exactly been great for the Xbox One. Right from the start, it has waged a losing battle against its direct competitor: Sony’s PlayStation 4. Now, Microsoft’s console faces a war on two fronts thanks to the Nintendo Switch. With the PS4’s dominance and Switch’s rising popularity, the Xbox One is in true danger of losing its #2 position. In fact, if things continue along their current trajectory, the Xbox One will undoubtedly end up in third place by generation’s end.

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ThinkThink316d ago

Good. I hope if they do drop to 3rd place, they stay there. Microsoft is best when they are the underdog. You get to see them really trying. Love that. I couldn't care less how many consoles they sell as long as it's enough for them to keep doing what they're doing, i'm happy.

DarkVoyager316d ago (Edited 316d ago )

“The Xbox One Has Lost This Generation to Switch and PS4“

There’s no comparison when it comes to games. That’s why PS4 and Switch are the leaders and will remain on top.

Obscure_Observer316d ago


Except that most people completely forgot that the Switch is a 9th Generation console! Nintendo just gave up on the 8th generation with the Wii U to start a new console/generation from the scratch and left the Wii U userbase hanging. PS4 and Xbox One to this day stays true to the 8th generation.


blitz0623316d ago (Edited 316d ago )

It's like the article just purposely forgot the abomination known as the Wii U which is the 8th gen Nintendo console so if you want to bring up generations, Nintendo lost the 8th gen not the Xbox. The Switch is a colossal upgrade and comeback from Nintendo but let's not ignore the fact that they too "lost" before the 8th generation console war even started in 2013

DarXyde316d ago


Following that logic, Switch is Gen 10. You must have forgotten Virtual Boy.

It's true that the Switch is not backwards compatible, but I would still regard it as Gen 8 with Wii U being their half step up from Wii. Wii U does play Wii games and has its own software, but it probably makes more sense to call Switch Nintendo's true gen 8 device.

Razzer316d ago

That spin, Obscure. lol....Xbox One relevance is dependent on a technicality? Hilarious

darthv72316d ago (Edited 316d ago )

Sorry but VB was not a console. It is a singular device that defines it as a personal portable (regardless of how non-portable it was). consoles are capable of multiple players on one machine.

Regardless of how people feel that specs define a generation... that is simply not true. WiiU is not a half step up from Wii. If anything the Wii would be a half step up from GCN while WiiU represents a full leap over both. Switch is its own beast and the release schedule falls in line with Nintendo's platform release time frame making it a real 9th gen system.

Now there is no argument it is competing with what is out there now from Ms and Sony but also keep in mind that it will compete with what Sony and MS decide to bring out later as well. And then the next Nintendo system with replace switch and compete with MS and Sony at that time too.

SurgicalMenace316d ago

Though I do understand what's being communicated, the Switch has yet to pass the Xbox. Just an observation.

Obscure_Observer316d ago


"Following that logic, Switch is Gen 10. You must have forgotten Virtual Boy."

Smart people like you should rewrite wikipedia because they are misleading people spreading false information! S/

zaherdab316d ago

Switch isn't about the games either ... besides 4 exclusives that nintendo worked on themselves there's very few new experiences u cant get on last gen consoles or tablet/mobile devices.

They spent a good 15 minutes of their nintendo direct talking about mechanics of Mario tennis coz they have nothing much else to show games wise

Alucard_420316d ago

@Obscure_Observer Here is a fact for you, MS first console has one of the weakest life cycle in console history 4 years before they released a new console. At least the WII U had 4 1/2 years before they decided to change and they were a bust. but as I recall the OG XBOX was a success. If you don't have anything good to say "which you never do" don't say anything at all.

Obscure_Observer316d ago


"That spin, Obscure. lol....Xbox One relevance is dependent on a technicality? Hilarious"

Spin? Nice try! I can see you twisting my words out context to suit your agenda. But you can´t bend the truth! The Wii U IS a eighth generation video game console and got outsold by the Xbox One! The Xbox One sold 36 milion vs Wii U 4 million units sold worldwide! The Xbox One IS INDEED more relevant than the Wii U! So, PROVE me wrong or Deal with the FACTS!

Razzer316d ago

Did I say you were wrong? Just think it is funny you are yanking Wii U out of its grave so you can prop up Xbox One. Still spin, but at least it isn’t total bullshit like most of your posts.

Godmars290316d ago

Given that its under-powered compared to base PS4/XB1 its technically not 9th gen.

Then again, given how Nintendo has all but given up on chasing high end graphical fidelity, their next system wont be 9th gen either.

Razzer316d ago

8th or 9th really doesn’t matter. Switch is in direct competition with X1 and PS4. That is why this is all just spin. Wii U is out if the picture. Switch is selling well. Folks can pretend all they want that Switch isn’t going head to head with Xbox and PS but that is just bullshit.

blitz0623316d ago (Edited 316d ago )

Godmars, generation is defined by release date not tech. But since it's a term to group consoles per cycle and Nintendo chose to break theirs (fortunately) it's hard to label the Switch. On one hand it is competing with the PS4 and Xbox One, so you can call it 8th gen. But when the PS5 and Next xbox releases, it will also compete with those (assuming Nintendo doesn't magically come up with another console), so it can also be classified as 9th gen.

Technicalities aside, Nintendo has found their groove back and MS needs some catching up to do

Obscure_Observer316d ago


"Still spin, but at least it isn’t total bullshit like most of your posts."

Yeah, how mature of you. Can´t counter an argument whitout resort to cheap insults! I´m done with you.

SuperSonic91316d ago (Edited 316d ago )

The truth is this:

7th Generation Home Consoles
Xbox 360 ......... 87 millon?
PS3 .................. 88 million?
Wii .................... 99 million?

8th Generation Home Consoles
Wii U ........... 13 million?
XBox One .... ????
PS4 .............. 76 million?

9th Generation Home Consoles
Switch .......... 10 million?


abstractel316d ago

Like with all Nintendo consoles I really doubt the Switch will have legs. compared to the PS4.

For once, since the Gamecube, I'd like to see Nintendo put out a console where they can make their awesome games at the same technical quality of PS4 games. When the PS5 rolls around, Switch games (which already look outdated) will look ancient.

Razzer316d ago Show
rainslacker316d ago

Funny how people try to attribute Nintendo systems to a generation, when Nintendo obviously doesn't seem to care one bit about maintaining what is expected in terms of a console with any console they've brought out since the Wii.

Anyhow, if one has to use Nintendo at their worst to try and prop up their system, it's not really that much of an argument. Same as ignoring Nintendo when they are at their best to try and prop up their system...and yes, PS3 fan ignored the Wii for the console war to proceed. So far, Nintendo won out over the PS3/360 with an under powered system, and they'll likely win out against at least the X1, and potentially the PS4, with an under powered system. Notice the trend? Nintendo doesn't chase power, and doesn't fit neatly into a generation. The WiiU came out at the end of last gen and was more powerful than the PS3/360, and it failed, because people thought it was a last gen console coming in late.

The reality is often more harsh than the pedantic arguments used to support one's console preference by adding in all sorts of criteria to get a win.

mikeslemonade316d ago

By the time the switch catches up to Xbox it won’t matter. When generation 10 starts the switch will still be in third place.

Auron316d ago (Edited 316d ago )

What the hell are you talking about?! switch has nothing! They are reselling wii u games over again! Wake up!
Mariokart 8
Zelda botw
Donkey kong tropical freeze
Dark souls
Captain toad
Bayonetta 2
Pokken tournament
Lego city undercover
Ultra street fighter 2
Hyrule warriors
Just to name a few were already on wii u or other consoles for years! Switches exclusives library size is pathetic!
Sonys is strong and even XB1 is stronger than switches and its only going to get worse when ps5 and XB2 roll out!
Mark my words pikman 3 and starfox zero will be rereleased for Switch!!
What a scam the switch is especially if you owned a Wii U day one!!

DarXyde316d ago


Did you really link to Wikipedia to prove your argument?

You're sounding like an Obtuse_Observer.

BurnedCorn316d ago

Sad but true. MS need to invest heavy in more games at the caliber of the IPs of Sony and Nintendo.

Dragonscale315d ago

Lol @ obscure claiming xbone isn't in competition with switch cos its the 'wrong generation'. That is the most ridiculous strawman argument I've ever heard. Face it xbone will end up dead last this gen no matter how the fanatx try to spint it. What a joke lol.

FinalFantasyFanatic315d ago


To be fair though, who actually bought a Wii U? That's pretty much the only reason I don't mind Wii U ports being on the Switch, but there's a few a really wanted to see that haven't happened (Xenoblade Chronicles X).

xxjabberxx315d ago

obscure_observer Then you must also see the XB1X as 9th gen console with backwards compatibility. In order for the playstation to compete, they will need to at least match the XB1X. Meanwhile the XB1X will still have the power but a bigger install base since it would probably be out 2-3 years before the PS5.

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Septic316d ago

Agreed. They need to remain on their toes

Cyborgg316d ago Show
Septic316d ago Show
Godmars290316d ago (Edited 316d ago )

From screwing up on basic hardware, leasing instead of buying key OG Xbox components which hamstringing production costs, to rushing the 360, to pushing Kinect, to the XB1's DRM policies, and especially for insisting that exclusives didn't matter for the longest time, they were NEVER on their toes. Never hungry much less thinking of consumers or their audience.

Cyborgg315d ago

Give it up Xbox is a joke this generation 😁

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bluefox755316d ago

You would think so, but it doesn't seem like they're really trying this time around.

rainslacker316d ago

I think they're trying everything they can to gain an edge. I do give them credit for that. It's a shame that they had to be shaken up before that happened. With an over-empasis on Kinect at the start, and at the end of last gen, they lost their way over what they set out to be with the OGXbox, and what they did so well with the 360 to gain such a significant market share to shake things up.

People often claim that Sony had to be brought down a notch to do so well again this gen, but the same is true for MS. Sony seemed to make their whole approach to the PS4 about doing the right thing. MS eventually came around to this, despite some things which could be devisive. How it all works out for MS remains to be seen, because Sony isn't likely to rest on their laurels to allow MS to get an advantage again.

The_KELRaTH315d ago

Seems to be far more emphasis on how to squeeze more cash out of the customer.

PS. I'm lost on these generations; MS have only got 4 consoles or are we talking generations from the Fairchild in 1978??

FinalFantasyFanatic315d ago


When you think about it, Sony almost did everything wrong last gen and had such a bad start, it only evened out for them towards the end of the gen. As for Microsoft, they made most of the bad choices at the beginning of this gen (It's crazy they repeated some of Sony's mistakes like the price point).

I don't think they'll gain significant traction now because they won't reap any of the fruits of their labor until the end of this gen, or close to it. Since they fixed most of there major negative points earlier they should have put their all into the software side of things.

Godmars290315d ago (Edited 315d ago )

How did Sony do "almost everything" wrong with the PS3? The one real mistake they made was trying to manipulate 3rd party devs with cell while failing to support or show how it worked. Likewise MS's issues hardly started with this gen. Certainly not when RROD was a thing.

If MS have finally learned their lesson, start making as well as fostering a wide variety of games and game genres, no, they're not likely to see anything significant with the XB1. But if they're still on the online multiplayer, games-as-services mentality, then they're only cementing themselves into 3rd place.

Think everyone goes by the wiki entry for console gens:

The_KELRaTH315d ago

Cheers for the link Godmars290

Seems a rather large yet very different assortment of consoles were bundled into the 2nd generation.

FinalFantasyFanatic315d ago (Edited 315d ago )


Price, hard to develop for (we could argue this as the price/performance ratio issue), released last (although that was probably better for them since the PS4 was better build quality), loss of BC and other features (to be fair I think most people don't give a damn about installing linux on it, but losing BC made it cheaper), bad publicity (anyone remember the PS3 had no games meme? I still think it was exaggerated).

I don't believe we can blame them for "failing to support or show them how it work" or "manipulating" them, it was just difficult to develop for even though it was more powerful, it was easier to develop for the 360 or the Wii at the time. It took a long time before developers got good at working with the Cell processor, a mistake Sony did not repeat this gen.

As much as I love Playstation, the PS3 did have some significant issues like the Xone did at the beginning of their respective gen, it took a good portion of that gen before they really got the ball rolling. As for Xone, they need game, their lineup is horribly anemic and if they work on it now, they won't get results for a few year at best, we'll most likely be preparing for a new gen by that point.

Godmars290315d ago

The price argument is BS considering it came from gamers who:
1) Not only owned both systems, but multiples of one or both systems.
2) Were also buying $150 collector editions of games.

Likewise the easier to develop for argument was moot because:
1) MS did actually little with such a supposed advantage but port games.
2) Lapsed into the exact state they're in now where they can't make or support new IPs.

No matter all the times I've bothered to reply to this argument, just as the example of the PS2 outselling the OG Xbox by over 100 million, that the PS3 and 360 ended their gen nearly tied should be more of a statement than anything.

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Killa78316d ago

They are trying, it's why they put so much effort into the One X.

Even if it isn't selling, it's an impressive piece of tech.

But they completely missed the point of this generation - exclusives.

RadicalCannibal316d ago

Love my Xbox, dont care for ssles and loads of single player games

ocelot07316d ago

Microsoft where at their best when they where top dog for a short wile (release of 360 up until about 2008). They had many good exclusives. From Gears, Halo, Project Gothem, Forza, Lost Odyssey, Kameo, Crackdown, Fable 2, Viva Pinita, Saints Row, Alan Wake. Then Sony fought back and then Microsoft pretty much gave up.

rainslacker316d ago (Edited 316d ago )

I don't think they gave up. I just think they lost sight of what was important.

I'm not 100% sure they have actually regained that sight, but maybe future productions will get them back on track.

ocelot07315d ago


Yer they did loose sight at first. Around 2009/2010 they pretty much gave up on producing AAA first party titles and started focusing on Kinect. All the way up to around 2015. Kinect was important to them and first party titles where not.

Now that kinect is dead and buried. I do hope they now focus on first party titles even more. But with it being Microsoft I simply don't feel confident about that.

monkey602315d ago

The first couple of years for the 360 Microsoft was a power house. As well as all the obvious exclusives, they had more at the time that yes turned out to be timed but because of uncertainty made the console worth getting excited about. Mass effect, BioShock, Dead Rising 2 are a few examples of games I have fond memories of on the 360 despite later coming to other platforms.
They banked their new console on the idea of Xbox live being the go to platform for multiplayer gaming but refused to see that the gap between the online services had well and truly closed.
Now they continue to plod along with a console and no identity. There's no dedication on their part and therefore they receive little dedication from us.

quenomamen316d ago

That's great that You don't care. Guess who does? MS and more importantly their stock holders. What company decides when launching a new generation of consoles or smartphones or other product that "eh, 2nd or 3rd is fine" No company. Neither Sony, MS or Nintendo got into the video game business to come in 3rd. You might be happy with it, but you bet your bottom dollar they're not.
Far as doing best when they're the underdog, this isn't baseball, there's no 7th inning stretch, you have to come out with best possible product at the best price or you will fall behind and the chances of a comeback are slim at best.

joshljr316d ago

Erm... Many companies decide 2nd, 3rd or beyond is fine... I certainly don't think Microsoft expected the Xbox to be the best selling console, there are too many markets that they can't break while Sony and Nintendo are in them all.

HeyNowChillax316d ago (Edited 316d ago )

Remember how awesome the xbox 360 was despite the horrendous quality control, RROD and class action suits? People still kept buying those systems regardless until the redesign fixed the issues. All that time PS3 was expensive and performing worse on all titles. Took about 3 years for PS3 to get on it's feet. I think you're right about MS, they have great hardware today, good support for everything you buy going forward and they're online performance is def better than PSN, which does annoy me from time to time. MS needs a solid year to get back in the game, assuming exclusives are in development and will take advantage of their new hardware.

PFFT316d ago

I think hitting rock bottom will do them good. Just look at Nintendo. They hit that floor HARD and look at them now. Sony hit that floor as well last gen and they came back to beat the Xbox 360. Hopefully MS gets their shit together after this.

Ceaser9857361316d ago

Damn! i thought Xbox one X was going to annihilate the PS 4 and switch... What happened to those who were bragging about the POWAAAH! and how its gonna dominate... LOL!

Ceaser9857361315d ago (Edited 315d ago )


"Wow are you 12?"

Wow! how did ya guess it bruh! but the funny part is i am still older than you.. :p

butchertroll316d ago

It will be hilarious when Switch somewhere next year outsell Xbone's LTD.


I know! It's soooooooo funny right?
Let's all laugh at system sales. We are the cool ones...

GrubsterBeater315d ago (Edited 315d ago )


Geez, man...

I can feel the salty tears through the screen.. It's very obvious that you let people online get to you too much. Based off your comments I would wager the house that you are very young, so my advice is not to let people online hurt your feelings so much.

Usually I just laugh at you guys, but I just feel sorry for you..

You should build a bridge and get over it, little fella.

senis_kenis316d ago

Yes, like with windows phone.

subtenko315d ago

They could never be the top dog in the first place with Sony PlayStation around, we only very reasonably assume it would be worse if Xbox had no competition, Microsoft would be slacking off and milking money even more!

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Fragnum316d ago (Edited 316d ago )

Sensationalist title, but not a bad analysis of the Xbox brands performance this generation.

Well researched.

Edit: I predict this is going to be a lively comments section :)

affrogamer316d ago

I wonder how many units the X has moved to date

gamingunited316d ago

At most 2 million but realistically 1 - 1.5.

Xbox has only sold around 4 million consoles total (all SKU) since launch.

Obscure_Observer316d ago


Source? Since nor Microsoft or NPD are revealing the total numbers of console sold, one can only wonder where did you get those numbers?

gamingunited316d ago


There are many firms that give sales estimates who call retailers to get sales estimates and then predict totals from that. You can see how accurate they are in predicting PS4 and Switch and Wii PS3 and Xbox last gen to know there is a reasonable level of accuracy.

There are many taking firms vgchartz, zhugex, charttracks, GFK and more and they all have very similar numbers. So, you can stick your head in the sand and pretend it's all fake because it doesn't serve your goals if you want but to pretend that no sales estimates exist that is incorrect.

BTW NPD's numbers are shared on resetera one week after NPD posts them and can easily be found other places if one knows where to look.

zb1ftw777316d ago (Edited 316d ago )

4 million lol are you high?

The Xbox brand must be close 150 million in total all skus.

gamingunited316d ago (Edited 316d ago )


The discussion was about the X obviously when I said 4 million I meant since November 2017 when the x launched. 4 million Xbox One SKU's have sold between November 2017 and the end of January 2018.

You must be high if your so dense you couldn't understand what should have been obvious.

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Obscure_Observer316d ago


"I wonder how many units the X has moved to date"

More than the PS4 Pro did in the same timeframe in US.

Razzer316d ago (Edited 316d ago )

lol....based on? Let me guess? Amazon rankings? lol

316d ago
Obscure_Observer316d ago (Edited 316d ago )


Yes. Works for some people here when the PS4 is winning. Specially in Europe. I don´t need to mention their names. You know who they are.

Also, latest NPD reports confirms that the X is pushing Xbox One Sales as a whole.

Razzer316d ago (Edited 316d ago )

I have no idea who “they” are that you are talking about. I’ve only ever seen folks like Pantz make bullshit claims from Amazon rankings.

It is bullshit and you know it. We have no idea how many One X and Pros sold. Period.

As far as NPD, that is irrelevant as to whether it is outselling Pro which, again, we have no info on. you have any common sense?

Obscure_Observer316d ago (Edited 316d ago )


"It is bullshit and you know it. We have no idea how many One X and Pros sold. Period."

You are right. We don´t know the exact numbers. BUT based on Amazon Pre Orders, people said that the X wasn´t selling well because Amazon is not a valid parameter (Patcher included). How things turn out? How things turn out for PATCHER? US NUMBERS:

PS4 1140k [Nov 2013]

XBO 909k [Nov 2013]

NSW 906k [Mar 2017]

XBX 430k [Nov 2017]

PS4 Pro 260k [Nov 2016]

According to these US numbers, the Xbox One X outsold the PS4 Pro on November 2017 vs November 2016 release dates by 65%!

And according to the same US Amazon, Xbox One X is outselling the cheaper PS4 Pro RIGHT NOW! Wether you belive it or not is up to you, i posted facts!