Destructoid TGS 08: Bionic Commando Preview

Destructoid writes: "Personally, I've played GRIN's next-gen Bionic Commando at no less than three press events. Each time it's like deja vu, with the playable areas either extremely similar or exactly the same, only with more polish.

The playable build Capcom brought along to Tokyo Game Show was no different. I ran into GRIN's Gunnar Johansson on the show floor and asked him to point out the differences in the new build. Not surprisingly, he pointed out that it's more polish, mostly in the visual department -- more lighting and particle effects, things like that. Control and gameplay wise, it doesn't seem like much has changed, though."

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SinnedNogara3649d ago

Common Capcom. Make this game for the Wii. License the Quantam3 engine. Please make this game for the Wii!!!!!!!!!!!! It would be awesome. You could point at a place and press up on the d-pad to use the Grappling Hook. Anyone who reads this can submit this plea to Capcom. Capcom, please!!!!!!!! It would be awesome. Release all your hit hardcore titles on the Wii. You would make a lot of money. Please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!